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Irony in the NBA

Andrew Bogut was on the Warriors team that defeated the Cavaliers for a title and also been defeated by the Cavaliers for their title.  The irony behind this is the fact he was cut by the Warriors to make cap room for the acquisition of Kevin Durant, picked up by Cleveland after a short stint in Dallas, to being injured a mere 58 seconds into his Cavalier debut.  The worst part is he was signed to Cleveland days before actually playing.  The irony behind all of this is the fact that Bogut was cut to make room for KD as we all know him as to become injured himself.  What we have here is two teams involved in multi-million dollar deals to end up in the same boat anyway.  Although I’d be the guy to ponder if they in fact went to each opposite team respectively, who knows what would happen but would be fun to think about regardless.  The Kevin Durant injury makes things relevant on the mere fact that the Warriors were faced with the opportunity to lose three straight games.  That is something that hasn’t happened for a streak of 293 games.  That streak does go on since they recently won against the New York Knicks on the fifth of this month, but does beg to ask a very serious question.  That question would be “would they have faced something of that nature if they didn’t spend the money on potential injury,  opposed to if they invested more in a bench?”  I as a sports fan am not doubting the ability over one guy to another, however on the flip side of things I’d take in consideration the fact that we are employing humans which at that point anything is possible, even not scoring points for any given amount of time.  From sources researched it appears Durant has a chance to come back this season while Bogut will miss the remainder, but then again time can only tell.  The remainder of this NBA season will provide excitement for the future to come.

As the season stands there are ten games left of the regular season, Cleveland being atop the east while Golden State sits atop the west.  When looking at the two there is only a difference of a half a game lead of how far each is in front.  But I can honestly say I see Golden State taking the west while putting up a fight against San Antonio, or San Antonio taking the west, after all records show they’re the only two teams strong enough to take it.  In the east Cleveland will put up a fight to fend off Washington and Boston but I see Detroit somehow throwing a wrench in their plans, after all we still have ten more games to go of regular season play and the playoffs are based off luck statistically.  Who knew injuries could provide conspiracy to a game.

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