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UFC on Fox: Johnson vs Reis Main Card Preview and Predictions

Johnson vs Reis Demetrious Johnson continues his mission to exceed Anderson Silva's record of 10 UFC title defences this Saturday in Kansas City. Johnson's current number of defences stands at 9, which puts him level with the man many consider to be the greatest Welterweight of all time Georges St-Pierre. A win this

Kick Ass Kickstarter: Touchdown Armor League April 12, 2017   12:00 p.m. Kickass Kickstarter: Touchdown Armor League You know what's boring? American Football. Well, at least if you're my girlfriend. Or you don't enjoy controlled violence with robot looking dudes. Or you aren't from America. UNLESS YOU'RE FROM HONG KONG. Because the Hong Kong based game developers have

Release the Kraken – The Kraken Quartet speaks

The Kraken Quartet

4/3/2017, By: J.G. Bennett. -  Having come up in the very system that I often speak out against, I largely decline to interview musical groups that I deem to be sanctioned under the protective umbrella of 'academia'.  In these hallowed halls, many a special snowflake is encouraged/decieved by tenure hungry