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Indy PopCon 2017: Day 1

Slickster Magazine at Indy PopCon, indy pop con

You never quite know what you're going to run into and it comes to conventions. You'll see the cosplays, the vendors, the famous people charging $20 for a photo... But every convention holds its own little nuggets to separate themselves. And Indy PopCon is no different. This is our second

Tips for online dating

Tips for online dating

7/5/2017 - There is no doubt online dating has been a game changer.  In previous generations meeting your potential life mate at work or school was commonplace. This is no longer the status quo.  The EEOC reports a staggering 12.5K sexual harassment cases filed every year since 2010.  Men and women

Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Written by Josh Brewer, July 7th, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. Tweet to: @theJWBrewer The Lowdown Peter Parker (Tom Holland) tries to balance life as a teenager in Queens while keeping up with his superhero duties. What does that entail? Taking on a high-flying villain (Michael Keaton) powered by some of that Chitauri technology left