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Mother Of Millions tours in support of new album

Mother of Millions, prog rock

Greek prog rockers release long awaited sophomore album. Concept albums are not a dead format. 11/28/2017 - Rise, Evolve.  These are the creedo of Mother of Millions.  Based out of Athens, Greece, the prog metal outfit has been around for quite awhile.  During this time they have maintained a solidified line up.

LSU Betting Results

LSU Betting Results

LSU Betting Results 11/28/2017 - The LSU Tigers entered the 2017 College Football Season with high aspirations, and the rankings seemed to support those notions as The Tigers were ranked 13th in the AP Top 25 and 12th in the Coaches Poll, respectively. Being in the toughest conference in all of

Zain – THE New School Marth

12/1/17 - Zain, the red Marth from the MDVA (Maryland and Virginia) region, has quickly become one of the best Melee players in the world. His Marth has come a long way in only three and a half years of playing the game. Zain has taken sets off the likes

Gatorblade Films keeps grindhouse alive.

Gatorblade films, Sean Donohue 04

Tampa based director keeps grindhouse style films alive. Gore, nudity and shock value at forefront. Adults only.  11/27/2017- Sean Donohue is a director and film maker based out of Tampa, FL.  With such films as Death-Scort and other grindhouse worthy sleaze, he is growing a steady following online. It takes an indefeasible

Digimon Aventure Tri Determination Review

Written by Dominic Wright, November 26, 2017, at 8:25 p.m. Tweet to: @Groovycap Since an early age, I have been a huge fan of Digimon. Something about watching the main characters form a bond with their Digimon partners always caught my eye. Although it has been ten years since the fight for

Required Listening: Chomper – Medicine Mountain

Chomper has the sauce, an indelible rock n roll sound that only comes from years of taking it on the chin. The quartet consisting of members from Guided By Voices, Beech Creeps, and The Men showcase a sound equal parts Stooges, equal parts sticky theater bathroom wall, with a scosche

Girl of the Week Anca L

Anca L

Girl of the Week Anca L Anca is a sultry blonde from London. She is an up and coming actress who doesn't mind posing for the camera. Lucky for the readers of Slickster Magazine she has agreed to be the Girl of the Week.  Enjoy! 11/26/2017, 3:05 p.m.   Hometown: Transylvania Measurements (Bust, waist, hips):  33"


Nightcrawler live on stage

Nightcrawler releases a new album. Spain's contribution to electronic music is not to be overlooked. 11/25/2017 - With the success of comic book action movie blockbusters, many new fans have been introduced to characters that might not have known.  Hailing from the Marvel Universe is one of the most popular X-men: Nightcrawler.