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Old Dog, New Tricks?

Saturday, November 4th - saw George "Rush" St. Pierre's return to the octagon. The 36-year-old, perviously absent from the cage for a mysterious, four year period, captured Michael Bisping's middleweight crown following a decisive win by submission. In his absence, the elusive fighter had been seen training everywhere from his familiar

Cult of Chucky-“The cult is growing”

cult of chucky

The Child's Play franchise has come so far in its almost 30 year run.  We've watched him transfer from doll to doll, fall in love, get married and even try his hand at fatherhood.  The overall story has had its twists and turns, but it always ends with Chucky's death.

Georges St-Pierre, Back to Finish What He Started

GSP Middleweight Champion, UFC 217

UFC 217 was considered by many the best event in the company's history. Three titles change hands.  A legend returns. By The Fight Scholar, 11/9/2017 - The headline story of the night was, of course, the successful return of Georges St-Pierre. After having spent 4 years without competition he defied father time,