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Jupiter Down

PROG METAL is not DEAD South Carolina's Jupiter Down release a strong new instrumental progressive metal album. 11/13/2017 - Any aspiring guitarist who lived through 1980's wanted to be Joe Satriani.  Don't deny it.  'Satch' virtually created the entire new genre of instrumental rock guitar.  I can vividly remembering the very first

Mindhunter, and Why it’s so Important for Netflix


About 4 episodes into the psycho horror/Thriller Mindhunter, I realized two things. It is not healthy to drink coffee past 9pm, and Mindhunter is the best thing to happen to Netflix since Stranger Things. The streaming service's newest hit has garnered plenty of critical praise as well as fan attention,

Start Trek: Discovery Mid Season 1 Review

Written by Cleveland Oakes, November 13, 2017, at 12:15 p.m. Tweet to @Oakes945 Star Trek: The Old Frontier So after months of waiting with bated breath Star Trek: Discovery came to its rousing if uneven season finale. The mid-season finale “Into the Forest I Go.” put a very neat bow on the