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HARDCORE Claymation – NSFW – WTF!?

Hardcore Claymation NSFW

Rock band Lydia Can't Breathe debuts a NSFW claymation video. Further proof that low budget doesn't mean bad. 11/15/17 - Now that Robot Chicken has won multiple Emmy awards, the door is wide open for edgy use of stop motion animation.  Rockers LCB have tapped into this with a new claymation video

Is Drake’s Take Care A Classic Album?

Written by Dominic Wright, November 15, 2017, at 12:41 p.m. Tweet to: @Groovycap When people hear the name Drake, they usually associate him with being the greatest rapper. Sometimes, they even go to the extent of saying he destroyed Meek Mill's career with hit song, "Back To Back". Whether or not all