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By R. C. Americo – 2018 is shaping up to be a fantastic run for the Horror genre, but don’t just take my word for it. Despite abysmal reviews from nearly every reputable movie rating site, Insidious: The Last Key is America’s highest domestic grossing film so far. While this milestone will likely be dwarfed by the superhero blockbusters slated for release in the coming months, don’t count horror down and out just yet. Here’s 5 horror films to keep an eye out for in 2018:

1) Winchester

Helen Mirren is an actress who needs no introduction starring as Sarah Winchester, wife and widow to the son of Oliver Winchester, creator of Winchester Firearms; ‘Winchester’ calls on the urban legend of the Winchester Mystery House. Construction began on the mega-mansion in 1884 until the death of the house’s widower namesake, Sarah Winchester, in 1922. According to urban legend, Sarah Winchester had corridors, secret rooms, and false walls added to and throughout the house over the course of nearly 40 years. The intent behind this seemingly crazed behavior was to confuse the restless spirits that she believed were haunting her as a result of falling victim to her husband’s company’s inventions. While not exactly the strongest of plots, I’d say this one is sure to be a must-see for the jump scare fans.

Release date: February 2nd

2) The Strangers: Prey at Night

This one’s a long time coming–a whole decade to be exact–if you’re a fan of the original entry into this saga, ‘The Strangers’. While there has been little promotion aside from a couple of trailers, the premise from the movie’s official website reads like this:

“A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. Under the cover of darkness, three masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test the family’s every limit as they struggle to survive.”

Without hashing out the original film’s plot, it’s safe to assume we can expect to see many of the elements from there enhanced in its sequel ‘Prey at Night’.

Release date: March 9th

3) A Quiet Place

John Krasinski (The Office, 13 Hours) has been busy lately, most recently with Amazon’s upcoming ‘Jack Ryan’ series. But 2018 will also see Krasinski in the director’s chair, at the writer’s table, AND starring alongside wife Emily Blunt in this fresh concept horror movie. The premise of “make a noise and you’re dead” is harrowingly echoed in the film’s trailer, where a family living off the grid goes to great lengths to ensure no aspect of their life–communicating, eating, walking–makes a single sound. To do so would be to draw attention to an unknown force with deadly consequences. I personally haven’t heard of or seen a movie like this, so I’m interested to see how it will turn out. I’m always willing to give a chance to the horror flick that helps keep the genre from getting stale.

Release date: April 6th

4) The First Purge

Typically, I cannot stand movies that have 27 sequels and just don’t know when to wrap it up. I understand the concept of what a cash cow is, but sometimes you’ve got to know when the milk gets sour (looking at you Transformers). I especially can’t take it when horror sagas do this, because it gets extremely repetitive fast and the audience can pretty much read the script to without seeing the rest of the movie. Enter stage left the exception to this animosity of mine, ‘The First Purge’. This sequ–PREQUEL intends to rewind the entire purge universe to the days before the purge, and explain how the purge even became a thing. I mean, come on, you can’t tell me you’ve seen a single one of these movies and HAVEN’T thought about it? What could possibly occur in a society that people would actually agree to–and fully sanction–the

“murder without consequence” model of self-policing? We’re about to find out.

Release date: July 4th


5) Halloween

It wouldn’t be much of a sneak-peek list of what’s to come for the year without mentioning a Halloween movie, right? Well, how about a HALLOWEEN MOVIE!? That’s right folks, 40 years after the original classic, horror fans are getting something that we mostly didn’t ask for, but will take anyway. Jamie Lee Curtis is back in character as Laurie Strode as she comes face to face once again with Michael Myers. As of this posting, production just picked up, but a near Halloween release is expected to perfectly coincide with the season.

Release date: October 19th

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in HALLOWEEN, released by Universal Pictures on October 19, 2018.


Bonus movie: Hereditary

For those of you familiar with A24, you know what kind of high quality films they’re capable of pumping out. A24 does horror and thrillers in general some justice, with flicks like ‘The VVitch’ and ‘It Comes At Night’ just to name a couple (sorry in advance if you disagree). I believe the ball keeps rolling with this Toni Collette film that popped up at Sundance to RAVE ACCLAIM. I’m going to be real honest with you, I have NO IDEA what’s going on in this movie. Seriously, this family’s matriarch passes away and weird shit just starts hitting the fan. Peep the trailer on YouTube for the headsmashing, pigeon-sacrificing, dollhouse-crafting goodness and you’ll see what I mean. It just EVOKES fear.

Release date: June 8th

So there you have it, my 5 (or 6) Horror films to watch out for this year. Stick around for reviews on these, and more things horror in the future!

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