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The 6 Leading Daniel Craig Movies

Daniel Craig is a very well-known British actor, but it wasn’t until his early breakout roles in films like Layer Cake and Road to Perdition that he ever made it on the radar of American film watchers. From that point on he became a household name, taking on the infamous role of James Bond and creating a name for himself as one of the most talented action actors of his day. Craig is still hard at work making new films to this day, but he has quite a few standout roles that show just how good his acting really is. Below are six of Craig’s top movies, and a look into how he got started as a major Actor in America.

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Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale is one of the best James Bond movies in the series, and it was actually the third retelling of the same book by Ian Fleming. Daniel Craig plays the dark Bond character to perfection in this less fun and upbeat movie that’s well-known around the world today. It was Craig’s first Bond film, and one that was met with much criticism. It gives the star a chance to show just what James Bond looks like played by him, and it’s an exciting beginning to some truly epic movies later on in the series. Casino Royale is a top-notch film, and it covers gambling in a time when it’s becoming more popular online, creating a more modern feeling film that just fits with the time. Online gambling, casinos and Craig all just fit with this film.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Daniel Craig plays a hard-hitting investigative journalist in this film, and he’s trying to get to the bottom of a case about a missing girl that’s been gone for 40 years. It’s a suspenseful movie with real depth, and Craig plays a phenomenal journalist that helps really bring this movie to life and make it worth watching. The movie did very well by grossing $232 million worldwide after its release, but it never lived up to its expectations fully. The movie is a solid adaptation of a foreign bestseller and it’s well-known as a solid movie that sticks to the story while still bringing something special of its own.

Layer Cake (2004)

This is the movie that’s often given credit for getting Craig the job playing James Bond. He plays a cool gangster holding a prominent role in the London Underground crime scene. He’s mysterious, charismatic, and exceedingly convincing as a criminal, and this movie is packed with suspense and action that makes it worth watching. It’s a movie about a successful drug dealer that’s trying to retire from the business without upsetting his supplier. Unfortunately things don’t go so smoothly and before you know it Daniel Craig is fighting to stay ahead of a huge list of enemies that seems to be getting longer and longer as the movie progresses.

Defiance (2008)

Holding a starring role alongside Live Schreiber, Daniel Craig plays one of two Jewish Brothers fighting to survive in Nazi-occupied Belarus. The brothers create a community out in the woods while contributing to the local resistance against the Nazi’s. Craig plays a brave fighter that’s working to protect an impromptu community of more than 1,000 Jews in the woods. The story is heartbreaking, suspenseful, stuffed with action and you won’t be able to turn away from another excellent performance by Craig.

Munich (2005)

It’s hard not to stand behind films directed by Steven Spielberg, but this historical drama is a particularly potent film worth watching. It’s focused on the 1972 Olympic massacre and the assassins that were brought together to put a stop to the terrorists behind all the deaths. Daniel Craig plays a South African volunteer in the film and he has a surprisingly large role that shows just how comfortable he is with high levels of action and thriller type movies. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat, while enjoying one of Daniel Craig’s top performances once again.

Road to Perdition (2002)

As one of the films that got Daniel Craig started playing in the big leagues Road to Perdition is a chilling story about a crime family that becomes strained under pressure. Craig doesn’t have a starring role here, but he’s cast alongside the likes of Tom Hanks and Paul Newman while playing a chilling role as son Connor Rooney. He delivers a convincing performance and makes it clear that he belongs in crime and action dramas.

Daniel Craig quickly became the movie lead star that he is today with a couple of side rolls in big action films. It’s rare that you can find a star like Craig that does well in both small and large films, but his convincingly good role in Layer Cake and then his top notch performances in the James Bond films makes it clear that he can hold his own no matter what the movie is.

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