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7DD9 Interview

6/23/2017  – Not much is known about Synthwave artist 7DD9.  Where did he come from?  How did he get here.  Is he, in fact, a ‘he’ at all?   We may never know the answers to these questions, but we do know he (we’re going with ‘he’) creates some awesome synth wave music.  Lucky for the readers of Slickster Magazine, 7DD9 uses email.  So, we reached out to him with some questions and we’re lucky enough to get a response.  Hope you enjoy!
How shall we address you?  Do you have a name?
My name is nobody.  You can address me as 7DD9.
On your FB page you write, “Weird things will happen between 2040 – 2065“… can you please describe what those will be?
 Haha.. I thought no one is going to notice this… I guess you’ll have to find out.
 What have you been working on?  Any new material for the upcoming album?
7DD9 InterviewI released Alternative Facts (LP) in February. At this time I’m working on my next album. Also, I have finished a new project (EP). It was scheduled to be released at this period, but I sense that something is holding it back.
Did you go to school for music or self taught?
I remember myself staring a farfisa and I felt a great energy.  I laid my hands on her and the journey began (self taught)..  Since then, I never stopped playing and trying to evolve myself on the synths deeper. Also I have study electrical engineering, audio engineering and I’m a professional sound engineer.
Do drugs and/or alcohol help or hinder the creative process?
No drugs, no alcohol, no smoke. I’m straight edge and naturally high.  The only thing that accompanies me in the studio is coffee and water.  When music manages to successfully move the needle of your heart’s VU…there… That’s the best drug for me and it’s priceless.
Is synthwave music good to have sex too?
I’m not sure, I tried to fuck her but i couldn’t find any physical parts of her!  It depends, if you are a romantic and nostalgic person, yes it is.
You released the track “Fantastic Voyage” on your Youtube channel for free.  It is one of our favorite tracks of yours.  Can you please describe the process of how you wrote this song and programmed the tracks?
Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I was sitting in the studio and I was troubled.  Suddenly I felt like I’m in a space cockpit and I don’t know what to do.  So, I started to play on the synthesizer some melodies, chords, pads, etc.  When I finished it i knew it was a Fantastic “intergalactic” voyage! I enjoyed it alot.  Mostly, the tracks are inspired from our daily lives. Also from books, movies, images, flash moments, time travels. 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to talk with Slickster Magazine and best of luck with all of your musical projects in the FUTURE! Is there anything you’d like to promote to your fans?
Thank you for the hospitality in your magazine and for this interview, it was a pleasure. Best of luck to you too in the future.

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