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Aeraco interview with Spidey

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7/14/2017 –
Can you briefly tell the story how Aeraco got together? What does the band name mean?
Well it originally started with me (Spidey) and Misfit years ago when we were kids. After years went by, we went through a few change ups and finally recruited Ace. Beast came along shortly after Ace which completed the puzzle. We thought about band names for quite some time and Ace came up with Aeraco which is a variation of “Aerico”. Aerico is a Greek disease demon that takes human form and spreads various diseases. We all thought that was pretty gnarly so of course we went with it.
Who writes the bulk of the material in the band?
It all starts with a riff. Usually Ace or myself brings a riff to the table and we start composing from there. Beast and Misfit are a tightly knit rhythm section so they add those pieces complimentary to what me and Ace strap together. Lyrics come last which is usually Ace’s field.
How do you guys handle disputes among the band members over creative differences?
We do have occasions where we agree to disagree but what we do is talk about it. We compare and contrast each other’s points of view and logic usually wins. If all else fails, we just beat the shit out of each other. Last man standing-his opinion wins.
Does drugs and alcohol, specifically marjiuana, help or hinder in the creative process?
Ace and Beast are pretty straight edge. They will drink from time to time but they don’t smoke or anything like that. Misfit and I do smoke and I’d say it does help the creative process. It can help you hear and feel things in a way you otherwise wouldn’t I guess. Now, drinking always hinders the process. We play like shit when we drink so we have vowed to not drink and play. We heard a recording of ourselves from years ago playing when we were pretty drunk and it sounded fuckin’ terrible. Hence, no drinking and playing.

Of the first five Metallica albums, which one is the best.  Defend your choice to the death.
I would say Master of puppets is by far THEE best metal album of all time! Every song on that album is just amazing. It’s an album you can listen from front to back and never skip a song. The other ones are great as well but Master is just a whole different level of awesome. When you can listen to an album in its entirety with no filler, you know it’s a kick ass album!

How is the new album going? Any shows to promote or shoutouts the fans?
 It’s going great! “Baptized By Fire” has been a year in the making and so far the response has been incredible…very positive. We are extremely happy how the album turned out and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it. We’ve been playing quite a few shows to ramp up the release and will be definitely touring extensively to promote it. Our street team definitely means a lot to us so shout out to them and a huge shout out to our fans in general! Our east coasters, west coasters, mid wests best and those who are showing us love in Europe… they all deserve the shout out love! Thank you guys for all the support! We will be seeing all of you very soon. 

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