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Artist Spotlight: Boy Hits Car

Boy Hits Car concert black and white

Written by Michael Lopez, June 17, 2016, at 6:40 p.m.

After attending a multitude of concerts, I began to see that most bands I witnessed usually fell into two categories: I either loved or hated them. So I’d usually have to explore to find new music, so when I found the band Boy Hits Car I got really excited.

Quick History of Boy Hits Car

Boy Hits Car started way back in the nineties in Los Angeles, California, when a small group of childhood friends decided to come together and form a band. The original members were singer Cregg Rondell (1993-present), guitarist Luis Lenard (1993-2006), bassist Scott Menville (1993-2006), and drummer Michael Ferrari (1993-2003).

In the next three years, they would form Boy Hits Car, and a little after that independently put out their first album My Animal.

Boy Hits Car concertSadly band members come and go as they had become the stepping stones making way for the current band members: bassist Bill Gower (2006-present), guitarist Mike Bartak (2007-present), and drummer Erick Peterson (2014-present).

It is fantastic enough to know that even though they lose members the can still produce extraordinary performances, rocking the freakin’ house with every show.


Boy Hits Car is considered an aggressive rock band. Typically their fans would say otherwise calling their style “lovecore.” They perform what they call heavy music “infused with a world beat/Middle Eastern flavor.”

To be perfectly honest, I absolutely enjoy this band sound. Every time I listen to the band I’m reminded of a sort of heavier Incubus vibe, or maybe 311. Either way, their style is incredible, which is complemented in their concerts.


I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that their concerts are freakin’ sweet. These guys are amazing performers. I got to see them last year when they came to Texas.

The most memorable part of the show was when they brought out a guitar on a stand and all the members of the band, including the drummer, started playing and beating on the guitar.

After the show was over I thought to myself, “Damn this band is good. Too bad I don’t remember their name!!” (There were just so many bands that day that it slipped my mind).

Boy Hits Car dudes jumpingAlbums

So far Boy Hits Car has put out five full length albums: My Animal (1998), Boy Hits Car (2001), The Passage (2005), Stealing Fire (2011), and All That Led Us Here (2014). Each one has a song that I just absolutely adore.

One of my favorite songs from the band so far come from their self-titled first album Boy Hits Car, “The Rebirth.” It’s a song that really captures the band’s unique style.

Another song I enjoy comes from their latest album All That Led Us Here, the song “As the World Implodes (Right Now).” I just love the guitar riff in that song. Every time I hear it reminds me of early Incubus music like from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. or Light Grenades. It brings back so many memories when I was younger, when I would go through my dad CD container to pull out music I had yet to discover.

This band has a lot of interesting songs that will strike a chord with anyone, that’s one of the main reason why I like this band so much.

I also took the liberty of adding one of their song “As The World Implodes(Right Now)” from their newest albulm down below.

Boy Hits Car with graffiti in the background.
Photo courtesy of Roxtar photography. ® Todd MacDonald.

My opinion

I really enjoy this band. I love all their songs. Their concert experience is just amazing to watch. They are awesome performers that are full of energy that can fill an entire venue on their own.

So that just pegs the question, would I recommend them to people? Hell yeah!!

I know I’m really talking up Boy Hits Car, but they deserve it. Hell, just listen to one of their albums, I guarantee you’ll enjoy this band as much as I do!

So that’s it. please write what you think below, I honestly appreciate the criticism. And as usual I will put their tour dates down below. Hope you like the band!!!


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