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Required Listening: Chomper – Medicine Mountain

Chomper has the sauce, an indelible rock n roll sound that only comes from years of taking it on the chin. The quartet consisting of members from Guided By Voices, Beech Creeps, and The Men showcase a sound equal parts Stooges, equal parts sticky theater bathroom wall, with a scosche

Required Listening: Spotlights – Seismic

I just recently saw the band Spotlights live on tour opening for The Melvins. The husband-wife duo of Mario and Sarah Quintero, from Brooklyn, New York are as brutal and as beautiful as the sea. Their waves of grinding majesty hit home and are coupled with a blanket of sound

Brutal Beauty: An Interview With The Pod’s Scott Endres

MAKE guitarist Scott Endres recently unleashed a doozy of a record that is as much yin as it is yang. Under the moniker "The Pod" the debut record for this project is all at once beautiful and destructive, gorgeous and brutal, magnificent and melancholy and a very challenging listen. Slickster recently caught

An Interview with Ohio Natives – Playing to Vapors

Playing to Vapors

Playing to Vapors bring a big, ambient, sound that has all the feels. Their new record Shredding the Master Design is filled with skilled songwriting behind a tapestry of sound that is as catchy as it is rock n roll. Slickster recently say down with lead singer Lucas Harris to talk