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Vaping in the boys room

Vaping in the boys room

Vaping in the boys room Once a Reddit punchline, has become a reality. In 2017, reported that Colorado generated over $500,000,000.00 in marijanua sales tax.  That's a half a BILLION dollars.  Let that sink in for a moment.  For skeptics who think that the legal marijuana industry resembles the days of

Girl of the Week Bun

hot asian girls

Girl of the Week Bun Bun is boudoir model who has been featured in FHM Taiwan.  Now she graces the pages of Slickster Magazine.  Originally from the sunshine of Hawaii, she now stays busy overseas modeling lingerie, bikinis and high fashion.  Check her out on Instagram at the links below. 12/10/2017, 3:05 p.m.   Hometown: Honolulu,

The Sleaze Box – Chris Woods interview

Chris Woods, The Sleazebox, profile

The Grindhouse of Today Chris Woods interview. Pushing the boundaries of sex and gore in underground horror. 12/10/2017 - Exploitation films of the 1960's, 70's and up until the 80's featured waton nudity and graphic realistic violence.  Then the 90's came along, and with access to cheap equipment hard core horror filmmakers

Dav Dralleon – #synthwave

Dav Dralleon, EP DEPTHS, Cassette

Dav Dralleon 12/9/2017 - Recently, we had a stellar discussion with Parisian musician Jack Maniak. Once again, we visit the world of French electronic music.  Dav Dralleon is gaining a following online with his signature mixture of dark synth, or what he dubs, 'cyberpunk'.  There is no reticence about the growing fanbase for

Jaclyn Taylor porn interview

Jaclyn Taylor 03

Jaclyn Taylor 12/4/2017 -  Sex sells.  Every attempt has been made to censure sex, ignore, regulate, legislate, and condemn.  Yet, despite all of this, the simple fact remains.  Sex sells. One of the most popular porn stars currently is Jaclyn Taylor.  She has appeared in top shelf pornographic films produced by the

POWERCYAN releases second EP, Powergrid – #SYNTHWAVE


Powergrid EP by POWERCYAN 12/5/2017 - POWERCYAN released the follow up to Plutocracy.  Well within the bounds of synthwave, it is stuffed with aggressive Vocoder vocals and danceable beats. But that's not what really is really cool about POWERCYAN. Although he is currently inhabiting Earth as his home planet, he's not really from

Jack Maniak – #SYNTHWAVE

Jack Maniak, Code 403 album cover

Jack Maniak 12/3/2017 - It is widely accepted that France has consistently been a hotbed of electronic music innovation during the past century. Continuing along this trend, Paris is host to another backward looking, yet forward thinking electronic music artist.  Jack Maniak is the alter-ego of Parisian Jean-Philippe.  His newest album,

Girl of the Week Rebecca Bailee

Girl of the Week Rebecca Bailee 12/3/2017, 3:05 p.m.   Hometown: Seattle Measurements (Bust, waist, hips): 32" D, 26", 24" Favorite band or musical act: Give me tickets to see Alexandre Desplat's orchestra from the Grand Budapest Hotel soundtrack, if you want to win my heart. The Mystical Union is so dreamy. I reccomend it for

Mother Of Millions tours in support of new album

Mother of Millions, prog rock

Greek prog rockers release long awaited sophomore album. Concept albums are not a dead format. 11/28/2017 - Rise, Evolve.  These are the creedo of Mother of Millions.  Based out of Athens, Greece, the prog metal outfit has been around for quite awhile.  During this time they have maintained a solidified line up.

LSU Betting Results

LSU Betting Results

LSU Betting Results 11/28/2017 - The LSU Tigers entered the 2017 College Football Season with high aspirations, and the rankings seemed to support those notions as The Tigers were ranked 13th in the AP Top 25 and 12th in the Coaches Poll, respectively. Being in the toughest conference in all of