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Are Spicy foods good for you

Spicy food seems to be a pretty divisive issue. Either you like it hot and load the hot sauce on everything, or you order everything "hold the jalapeno's" and get "just barbecue sauce" for your wings. In this article were gonna tackle some of the most prominent questions about spicy

French Songbird Sarah Lassez

Paris In Tears

ABOUT THE ARTIST Sarah Lassez is a Parisian songwriter and piano player who boasts a serious French pedigree, one of her great- grandfather's being  Louis Marcoussis, who was an expect cubist painter, as well as an etcher and boasted the likes of Picasso, Man Ray, and Gertrude Stein. She also notes

MesAlfini’s “Hey, Super”

Alfredo Serafini is a veteran Italian musician fed up with the Italian music industry. He initially gained recognition as part of the Italian band Aleph. His response? To spend time secluded in his childhood home and reinvent himself and his music. The result? MesAlfie. A new musical solo project that


    Mystery Loves Company is a Houston based chamber rock group comprised of Maddy Herdeman and Carlos Machado. Maddy a classically trained conservatory cellist, and Carlos, a Venezuelan immigrant and self taught guitarist and songwriter. The two met at an open mic, later forming the band, and ultimately ended up recently


Analog Monoxide's sound is a tapestry of complexity, that amazingly comes from the mind and fingertips of just one man, Stian Høyberg. Hailing from the small Norwegian town of Ørsta, this musician plays keyboards, guitars, drums, drum machines, synths, vocals and incorporates computers in this album's 12 experimental masterpieces as

Quarries; an astonishing quagmire


4/13/2017 - By Catherine Reed - Quarries is the very definition of cliché. It is nothing more than a collection of recycled, half-imagined tricks that even amateurs try to avoid when making a feature. It is the typical case of filmmakers who believe they know what they’re doing, but the

F8: Fate of the Furious Review

Fate of the Furious

Back In the Saddle Fate is an interesting word to be included in the title in the eigth entry of The Fast & Furious series, yet somehow it is quite befitting. Mainly because we did not know what the fate of the saga would be after the passing of Paul Walker and well-placed