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Batman V Superman – Mild Spoilers

Batman V Superman

Written by William G. Chandler Jr. March 27, 2016, at 8:44 a.m.

There may be spoilers ahead and I apologize.

There has always been the possibility of a Batman and Superman film. In the past, it never came together. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in the present. That is the important thing. I believe there are a few things to know before you watch this film. The hope is you watch some Detective Comics television programs. For example, if you watch The CW Television Network’s The Flash, there are places where the show starts to jump into dimensional travel. Barry Allen, The Flash, moves from his original Earth to another version of Earth in the show. Remember this.

The other hope is you accept film’s characteristics create a different kind of balance for superhuman characters in film. Superman is Superman. However, Superman from the comic book may differ from Superman in the film. As for the film, Gal Gadot is fierce, and sleek, as Wonder Woman. Henry Cavill is powerful, but conflicted, as Superman. Ben Affleck, as Batman, steals the show. There are cameos of other Detective Comics heroes, which are cool. The film is interesting. The problem is the film tries to apply too much purpose.

Doomsday is in the film, but serves a purpose. Lex Luthor, as Jesse Eisenberg, serves a purpose. Many moments, and characters, in this film serve some bigger purpose. It is true that too much of this film prepares for a Justice League series of films. Doomsday can be in this film. However, he comes from a certain Kryptonian past. The use of this past, in the film, could have created a dynamic in the character. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor works. There are two sides to the character. However, this version of Lex Luthor seems to play too much of a pawn. I believed Lex Luthor, in Batman v Superman, could be a lunatic. What matters is the Lex Luthor behind closed doors. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and most Detective Comic heroes, represent a God-like status in comic books. This also goes for certain powerful humans. Lex Luthor was not that character in this movie.

While the film is misshapen, I do believe there is a common theme. Most characters’ influences arrive due to fear. Superman’s reason for coming after Batman, as Clark Kent, and Superman, is fear. If you watch Man of Steel, his father died before his eyes. This Superman shudders emotionally. I believe he fears Batman, the monster. This Batman does not fight crime in the same way Superman does. This scares him. Batman witnesses something tragic in Metropolis, has his own sad past, and fears the force that creates such destruction.

Lex Luthor is a byproduct of his father and reacts accordingly. Even the humans, in positions of power, react with fearful tendencies. The intensity of this fear dictates most actions in this film. Comic book intentions can live here, but not to their maximum potential.

Batman v Superman is solid, elevates, excites, but has a film perspective.

“Every Batman and Superman Fight Ever by The Imaginary Axis”

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