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Battlefield 1 open beta review

Battlefield 1 Open Beta

September 2, 2016, at 6:18 a.m.

Today marks the release of Battlefield 1 open beta. Gamers all across the world are excited for this new release. We are looking forward to it as well, and here are few of our first impressions of the gameplay, melee combat and controls.

First of all, why are we excited for this? Since the inception of the PlayStation 4, gamers have been craving a vintage battle set piece. Nothing against the modern warfare fighters; we love all those games too. We just wanted a War War II-style FPS. And thus far, Battlefield 1 has been delivering a satisfying experience on that.

Including the pre-beta release, we have logged approximately six hours of gameplay. Thus far the controls seem to be responsive and very smooth. During open beta days, there is no campaign player mode. Therefore we cannot gauge the caliber of the artificial intelligence yet. However, the online multiplayer seems to work well in the team-based environment.

Right off the bat, melee combat seems to be a large focus of this game. Armed with a World War I-style battle-axe, you can chop obstructions such as wood, and windows. Players can also interact with barbed wire. This is very useful for finding sniper positions kama or crawling through areas which may otherwise be in accessible.

Here is some gameplay footage, courtesy of Jack Frags. He has great tips and tricks, so you might want to sub to his channel.

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