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Netflix’s Big Mouth Doesn’t Shy Away From Puberty

Written by Dominic Wright, November 10th, 2017, at 12:32p.m. Tweet to  @Groovycap

What do you get when you add animation, vulgar, and in your face humor? You get the latest Netflix series, Big Mouth. Surely enough you have all heard of this show. It explores the perfect coming of age story, told through childhood friends Nick and Andrew.

I love that the plot is incredibly simple. It starts off with a group of friends who are all in the age range of 12-14 years old. Some of them begin puberty before others. It is the perfect combination of funny and weird because, it is outright vulgar and funny the first episode. Being that Andrew (voiced by John Mulaney) has started puberty, his best friend Nick hasn’t yet. Therefore, Nick does not understand why Andrew is acting weird suddenly. This makes the show 10 times more interesting because it doesn’t shy away from what we know it to be, inappropriate.


One thing about the show that was interesting to me, was the fact that the show wasn’t all about the boys with raging hormones. The girls also get their own stories and of course their own hormone monster as well. Their hormone monster was hilarious, probably more humorous than Maury. She touched on a few things that a lot of my female friends have told me in the past.

Specifically, there is an episode where she made me absolutely shed tears with how humorous she was. In the episode where Jessie gets a bra and explores the male “gaze”, she goes to the bathroom and takes it off and as she is bawling her eyes out, she says “My mother was right”. Following that statement, her hormone monster slaps her and tells her “don’t ever say that again”.


There is another episode where Jessie gets her period while on a school trip. This series does not shy away from the reality of puberty and how awkward it is. Truthfully, not to sound like a cliché but, this would be like every other coming of age show if it was just about two boys going through an exploration of puberty. Big Mouth is true, funny, and in your face inappropriate.

Scarily enough, Big Mouth also highlights the ways people look at others going through similar stages in their life. Specifically, when looking at Missy’s character, in comparison to the popular girls like Devin, she gets ridiculed. This also shows how awkward puberty could be. Nonetheless, it can be nostalgic in some ways to the majority of us.

One character who I thought absolutely stole the show was Jay. Every school has that weird kid who is an absolute wild card. Jay exploded as my favorite character because his story with puberty was hilarious. In the episode, “Pillow Talk”, we see Jay have an interesting obsession with his pillow.

This makes Jay one of my favorites because, in a lot of scenes where Jay is involved, you never know what to expect. His parents don’t hug him nearly enough and he explains to Jessie, “he craves human intimacy”. Jay also explains to Jessie that he tries to get it by “acting like he is about to fall” and more.

From inappropriate gym teachers, first kisses, and the unguided voyage through puberty, Big Mouth doesn’t disappoint. Big Mouth is a show that shows us the reality of how puberty truthfully is, awkward.

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