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Biohacking Testosterone

Biohacking with Chef Joe
Get it up: Increase testosterone to kick ass at life

Testosterone is well known as the male sex hormone responsible for libido, sexual stamina, and muscle growth (not just that one); lesser known is that testosterone plays a role in a shit ton of other health functions that you might not be aware of. We are going balls deep on the subject of testosterone essentials, benefits, and how to increase your own testosterone production to become a lean, sexy, muscle building machine.

Full disclaimer I am not a doctor, research scientist, or any kind of medical professional so please consult one (if you trust those sorts of people) before you start taking any new supplements, listen to my recommendations, or begin a workout routine. Ass covered, let’s get on with it.

boost testosterone, boost testosterone naturally, does testosterone make you lose weight, how to boost testosterone, how to boost testosterone naturally, how to boost your testosterone, how to increase your testosterone, naturally boost testosterone, should i take testosteroneTestosterone, “T” , is essential for health in men and woman, T is a sex hormone and anabolic steroid that plays a critical role in sex drive, muscle development, and bone density; T is produced in the pituitary gland and testicles in men and to a lesser extent the ovaries in woman (men have six to seven times the testosterone than woman do as men require it for the production of sperm). T is essential for muscle growth and maintaining that muscle after its development, men with low T have a hard time building muscle in the gym, a sign of low levels of testosterone in men is that spare tire around the midsection, missing that six pack and walking around with a keg instead, no bueno amigo. Bone density is another big health risk as men age and T protects your bones from degrading due to old age, osteoporosis, and sports injuries. Higher levels of T are correlated with a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases; scientist have not been able to find a direct link, but the correlation is there, most likely because higher levels of T result in lower body fat percentage, feelings of well-being (probably from the increase in libido), and decreased total cholesterol. Last but not least is that T levels are linked with motivation in life, mostly the drive to work out and have sex, but it also has a great effect on depression, the more T a male has the lower the levels of depression (again probably all the sex).

Now that you know how important testosterone is to your overall health let’s talk about the benefits that come with increasing your over levels of T:

  • Longevity: keeping your T levels steady as you age has shown to increase life span.
  • Weight Loss: T speeds up your metabolism  helping you burn fat.
  • Muscle Repair: higher levels of T help your muscles recover faster from a workout and increase those gains.
  • Rock Hard: Yes more T will give you stronger erections… you’re welcome.
  • Cogitative ability: It won’t make you smarter, but it will make you sharper, more focused, and improve your memory!
  • Risk Taking: Men with higher T tend to take more risks in life (not always a good thing), but studies have shown financial traders with higher levels of T made more money than men with lower T.
  • Don Juan Ability: a study conducted by the journal of social psychology and social sciences did a “pick up” trail and found the men who landed the most ladies had the highest levels of T out of the study group.

If you’ve read this far I bet you’re thinking “when is this asshole going to tell me how to increase my testosterone levels” to which I will answer “right after this medical statement fucker!” Please do not go online to buy testosterone, it is illegal in many countries and if you happen to find a crazy chemist in Cambodia selling the shit direct to you it will most likely be of bad quality and really impact your hormonal balance causing a laundry list of problems, ain’t nobody got time for that shit, so what you really want to do is help your body naturally produce more T and help your body utilize it better to give you all the wonderful benefits.

Nutrition: Healthy fats like avocados, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, salmon, and grass-fed beef all provide your body the great fats it needs to produce more T. Foods like dark chocolate, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, oysters, and pomegranate also result in higher level of testosterone.

Sleep: get eight hours; your body produces testosterone while you sleep and if you cut that sleep cycle short you rob your body of T, so put the Xbox controller away a little earlier and get some fucking shut eye.

Lose weight: Fat cells rob your body of T and actually produce more estrogen, more T equals more weight loss and less fat equals more T… get it.

Supplementation: Zinc and Magnesium are great at helping your body produce more testosterone and guess what; you can buy these fuckers already mixed to make it easy; I take a calcium, zinc, and magnesium supplement daily for muscle growth, better sleep, increased mood, and higher levels of testosterone.

Vitamin D: this is a deep subject, a large number of functional medicine doctors and bio-hackers highly recommend taking 1500-2000IU’s of vitamin D a day for a lot of reasons, but for the scope of this subject the vitamin D helps your body produce less of a globulin that binds testosterone, helping your body utilize T better (make sure to get fifteen minutes of unfiltered sun a day to help your body activate the vitamin D, to get more T, to help give her more D).

HIIT (high intensity interval training): Too much endurance/cardio work can actually rob your body of testosterone, while resistance training/lifting is shown to increase the production of T, but this has a drop off point where too much of either robs the body; a moderate amount of strength training and cardio together make the optimal blend to produce T. Lifting more than three times a week can actually slow your T production way down, so don’t overdo it.

Now that you know how to boost your T level like an experienced bio-hacker, go forth and build those muscles, kick more ass at life, and have a lot more sex!

boost testosterone, boost testosterone naturally, does testosterone make you lose weight, how to boost testosterone, how to boost testosterone naturally, how to boost your testosterone, how to increase your testosterone, naturally boost testosterone, should i take testosteroneI’ve been asked by numerous clients, friends, and readers to share exactly what is I do on a daily basis to burn fat, stay fit, and lead a high performance life style; these posts “Bio Hacking with Chef Joe” are the actual things I do on a daily basis to be the best version of myself possible. I hope you find these posts informative and helpful in your own journey to become a badass. Interested in getting a bit more personal? Click here to schedule a free “Hack Your Health” strategy session with me and learn how you can optimize your performance, burn fat, and kick ass at life.

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