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Infamous Platformer Bubsy is Back. Oh God.

Oh for the love of… Who did this!? WHO!? What stupid bastard decided to remake Bubsy? Why did anybody think it was a good idea to remake this piece of garbage? Busby was nothing more than a forgettable, wannabe mascot, forever relegated to status as an internet meme. But now? This bobcat bastard is coming back! WHY?

Bubsy’s Back. (Ugh.)

For the love of all that is good and holy! It’s nothing more than a thirty second commercial and my eyes are rolling back so hard they might detach! Whether it’s the horrible jokes, the ugly character designs, or the last line it’s all so bad. (Actually the updated theme song is pretty nice.)

I’ve been waiting to settle this score since 1993 – Bubsy

WELL NONE OF US HAVE! – The Rest of the World

Every iteration of this damned game ranges from mediocre at best to one of the worst games ever. The original Bubsy games in 2D were not good by any means. The first was bad, and the second was just really mediocre. But Bubsy 3D? This was a game so poorly made. So unfinished. So filled with pure awfulness, it should have been left in the garbage where it belongs. But noooope! Nope, not good enough. People poked fun, insulted, and memed this game to infamy. It should never have been remembered but instead…

Nostalgia Strikes Again.

Look at it. Look at that stupid bobcat with it’s awful shit-eating grin. Nostalgia has gone absolutely too far this time! Gamer nostalgia has brought back a a fucking meme. That is the only thing that is memorable about this game. As a meme for all the badness video games can have. I just want to know why this game is being made.

It’s not that it’s a cartoon styled platforming game. That I can understand. BUT WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE BUBSY? The only reason that property would be used is because people will buy the game and try it because they want to see if it’s just as bad as the original. This would be like taking a horrible fighting game like Shaq-Fu and making a sequel! Oh wait… But at least that game is being made to be eveything the original wasn’t! At least you can tell the game is being made with some love and attention. Like it’s trying to be original! But Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back? It still looks annoying, generic, and pointless. Who knows though! maybe Accolade got their shit together and this won’t be a total piece of garbage. That’s on fire. And thrown off a bridge.

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