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Boo Agee Life Is Like A Movie With His Recent EP

Written by Dominic Wright, April 14th, 2017, at 5:11 p.m. Tweet to @Groovycap Hey everybody, quick question. If so, wipe the crust out of your eye and read this! Boo Agee is not only a musician but your friendly neighborhood Justin Bieber as well. Earlier this month, Boo released his EP, Like A Movie. Some

Release the Kraken – The Kraken Quartet speaks

The Kraken Quartet

4/3/2017, By: J.G. Bennett. -  Having come up in the very system that I often speak out against, I largely decline to interview musical groups that I deem to be sanctioned under the protective umbrella of 'academia'.  In these hallowed halls, many a special snowflake is encouraged/decieved by tenure hungry

The Powerwalker talks about new album. #SYNTHWAVE


The Powerwalker - The Neon Eclipse EP [Full EP] 0:00 The Sky Goes Dark (Intro) 1:57 The Hunt 6:37 Vibrant Twilight 11:53 Surge Incoming 16:37 A Cosmic Corpse 22:10 Flee the City 26:26 The Neon Eclipse Slickster Magazine - Apparently you are a fan of zombie movies. What movie was the soundbite from The Hunt from? POWERWALKER - I enjoy the odd old-school slashers and zombie