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Boo Agee Life Is Like A Movie With His Recent EP

Written by Dominic Wright, April 14th, 2017, at 5:11 p.m. Tweet to @Groovycap Hey everybody, quick question. If so, wipe the crust out of your eye and read this! Boo Agee is not only a musician but your friendly neighborhood Justin Bieber as well. Earlier this month, Boo released his EP, Like A Movie. Some


  Bio: Dolly Spartans new EP is being released today, March 31st 2017. Entitled "Time Sides With No One", this will be their second release. The band will release the record on the indie label Blue and Lucky. These Brooklyn-based artists are coming back from the successful release and reception of their first


THE ARTIST’S AND THE HISTORY: This Brooklyn based band was founded by 2 female musicians named Andrea and Marianne. They began to make music in 2011. Eventually enlisting the help of drummer, Cale, in 2015, and have ricochet forward ever since rounding out their sound with that missing piece Their first release was the


THE BAND: The Rabid Young is an electro-rock band based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, that formed in 2014. The band was created by front man Eric Rickey. He was a former member of the a group Most Thieves, a band that achieved a level of notoriety that allowed them to

Trigon Fed Up

  This is a band out of the great north otherwise known as Canada.  Their debut album entitled Fed Up will be released on the 24th of March this year.  Having the great opportunity to listen to this band before anybody else has the chance to, makes me feel giddy as


The Artist: The founder, front man, writer, leader and all around everything of Horse and Chariot is an unnamed gardener from San Francisco. He does not seek the lime-light and prefers to be known only as Mr. Immortal. This enigmatic character creates music in tune with the plants he gardens. That’s right;