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Vvon Dogma I

VVON DOGMA I, Communion

Vvon Dogma I   12/18/2017 - Arising from the current hot bed of musical creativity, Montreal, djent may have found a new icon to follow.  VVON DOGMA I is a quartet that is anything but common.  Brutal yet gentle, electric yet acoustic, angular yet linear... with their debut EP timing in at only

Siberian Prog Metal explodes on to the RADAR

Siberian Prog Metal 12/7/2017 - Tomsk, Siberia doesn't seem like a hotbed of guitar hero activity. But one man is working to change that.  Evgen Tsibulin is an up and coming prog metal virtuoso with something to prove.  On his latest single, Disquieting Time, he aims to to do just

Mother Of Millions tours in support of new album

Mother of Millions, prog rock

Greek prog rockers release long awaited sophomore album. Concept albums are not a dead format. 11/28/2017 - Rise, Evolve.  These are the creedo of Mother of Millions.  Based out of Athens, Greece, the prog metal outfit has been around for quite awhile.  During this time they have maintained a solidified line up.

Jupiter Down

PROG METAL is not DEAD South Carolina's Jupiter Down release a strong new instrumental progressive metal album. 11/13/2017 - Any aspiring guitarist who lived through 1980's wanted to be Joe Satriani.  Don't deny it.  'Satch' virtually created the entire new genre of instrumental rock guitar.  I can vividly remembering the very first

Fyrecross – Burn Them to the Ground

Staked heretics from Athens, Fyrecross  play traditional old-school metal with crosses between power, shrieking vocals and melody. The inquisition began when four NWOBHM influenced guys met in late 2013 with classic heavy metal on the mind. Guitarists Giorgos Skourtaniotis and Matt Kliszka, drummer Charis Kambitsis, bassist Theo Karageorgos and vocalist

Böneyard – Below Mediocrity

Black thrash n’ roll from Athens, Greece come from the guys of Böneyard recording their Below Mediocrity EP earlier this year via Witches Brew. The sound is a low budget throwback to the vintage sounds of the thrash masters from their back in the day infancy when they did the

Aeraco interview with Spidey

aeraco, aeraco band

7/14/2017 - Can you briefly tell the story how Aeraco got together? What does the band name mean? Well it originally started with me (Spidey) and Misfit years ago when we were kids. After years went by, we went through a few change ups and finally recruited Ace. Beast came along shortly