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Dav Dralleon – #synthwave

Dav Dralleon, EP DEPTHS, Cassette

Dav Dralleon 12/9/2017 - Recently, we had a stellar discussion with Parisian musician Jack Maniak. Once again, we visit the world of French electronic music.  Dav Dralleon is gaining a following online with his signature mixture of dark synth, or what he dubs, 'cyberpunk'.  There is no reticence about the growing fanbase for

POWERCYAN releases second EP, Powergrid – #SYNTHWAVE


Powergrid EP by POWERCYAN 12/5/2017 - POWERCYAN released the follow up to Plutocracy.  Well within the bounds of synthwave, it is stuffed with aggressive Vocoder vocals and danceable beats. But that's not what really is really cool about POWERCYAN. Although he is currently inhabiting Earth as his home planet, he's not really from

Jack Maniak – #SYNTHWAVE

Jack Maniak, Code 403 album cover

Jack Maniak 12/3/2017 - It is widely accepted that France has consistently been a hotbed of electronic music innovation during the past century. Continuing along this trend, Paris is host to another backward looking, yet forward thinking electronic music artist.  Jack Maniak is the alter-ego of Parisian Jean-Philippe.  His newest album,


Nightcrawler live on stage

Nightcrawler releases a new album. Spain's contribution to electronic music is not to be overlooked. 11/25/2017 - With the success of comic book action movie blockbusters, many new fans have been introduced to characters that might not have known.  Hailing from the Marvel Universe is one of the most popular X-men: Nightcrawler.


WillRock Banner Image, synthwave

WillRock is a British guitarist who has just emerged on synthwave scene.  He had some great tracks on the web, so we reached out to him.  Here's what he had to say. 11/21/2017 - You're newest album is only three tracks long, and only one of them is a 'synthwave' track.  But,

MoweLan – #synthwave


More synthwave from The Hague, Netherlands Ed van der Molen's stage name is MoweLan.  Another talented musician in the international growing pool of forward thinking electronic artists.  Drawing from cinematic soundscapes, video games and his own background in electric guitar, Molen shapes well crafted tracks that emote the sounds and sensations

Nightstop – #SYNTHWAVE

nightstop & Vj biolum.

Interview with synthwave artist NightStop. Synthwave reaching new audiences. 11/16/2017 - Does anyone know how to pronounce Jyväskylä, Finland? We don't either, but one of it's citizens goes by the name Nightstop.  Another in the European synthwave musical alliance, we had a short talk with NightStop about video games, getting started creating

Turbo Knight – #SYNTHWAVE

Turbo Knight Slickster Banner

SYNTHWAVE producer, Turbo Knight, seeks enlightenment through his music. Finland synthwave scene continues to grow. 11/14/2017 - Thank you to everyone who has sent encouraging comments about the synthwave music interviews. Continuing the series, we got in touch with Turbo Knight. Based out of Finland, but with an ever growing international following,


Megahammer Banner Image

Finnish electronic music artist, MEGAHAMMER, talks about his music. Featuring stellar computer programming, artwork and decidedly 80's flair, synthwave music is becoming more mainstream. Shared through free platforms like Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud, an international emerging scene is developing.  For more featured interviews and news, check out our past articles on

Timecop 1983 Interview – #SYNTHWAVE

Timecop 1983

Synthwave music continues to gain a following in Europe. The Netherlands contributes Timecop 1983 to the growing fanbase.  11/8/2017 - There is something about 80's music that just won't die.  Synthwave is a modern interpretation of the cheesy keyboards, melodies and oft dreamy impressions of the 1980's.  Some energetic tracks emote the glamorized car