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5 HELLA aggravating things people do at gyms

5 HELLA aggravating things people do at gyms

5 HELLA aggravating things people do at gyms We are three weeks into New Years Resolutions.  Already, the overcrowding that was commonplace during the last twenty-one days is seeing noticeable decline.  People have good intentions of losing weight or shaping up for summer, but lack the discipline to see it through.

Signs you are GAPER on New Year’s Eve

Signs you are GAPER on New Year's Eve

Signs you are GAPER on New Year's Eve 12/29/2017 - New Year's Eve is a special night.  'Amateur night' is what some people call it.  GAPER is generally a term for skiers and snowboarders who suck, or a throughly worn out pornstar.  We're going to appropriate the adjective for the purposes of this

Doctor I Let You Go – Farwell Doctor Who

Written by Cleveland Oakes, December 27th, 2017, at 8:02 a.m. Tweet to @Oakes945 The Two Doctors There was a time when multiple versions of The Doctor met one another it meant an epic adventure.Now we continue to get these small muted overly cute stories. In this year's Christmas Special Twice Upon a Time; The First

Top 10 Things We Hated About The Last Jedi

Written by Cleveland Oakes, December 21st, 2017, at 9:17 a.m. Tweet to @Oakes945 A good movie should stand on its own merit. Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and the Washington Post shouldn't have to convince you that you really liked it. The Last Jedi has been the most polarizing

HORROR: An Ever-Changing genre

christopher_lee dracula

12/2/2017, By James Garibay - Horror is a genre that continues to evolve, desensitize, and occasionally offend.  Before we had the luxury of movies, the genre was that of dark tales and folklore.  Reading and listening can be more terrifying because it allows you to create your own scary world

Old Dog, New Tricks?

Saturday, November 4th - saw George "Rush" St. Pierre's return to the octagon. The 36-year-old, perviously absent from the cage for a mysterious, four year period, captured Michael Bisping's middleweight crown following a decisive win by submission. In his absence, the elusive fighter had been seen training everywhere from his familiar

Coming For The Crown?

Are we to see the surely explosive and much expected, McGregor vs Diaz III? Or, following this weekend's highly anticipated event, UFC 216, are we in store for something else entirely? At (22-3-0), Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee (16-2-0) would say—yes. The two highly explosive fighters will face off finally, in

Pacific Rim Uprising’s fatal flaw


Pacific Rim Uprising's fatal flaw Can the new team of directors and actors live up to the first blockbuster? Pacific Rim (2013) is a total guilty pleasure.  Giant robots fighting giant monsters?  Sign me up.  The film released in 2013, and directed by Guillermo del Toro was instantly polarizing.  You either loved it,

Worst demo of the week – Julia Luise

Worst demo of the week - Julia Luise, Brat 10/4/2017 - It's true. At Slickster we get a plethora of music submissions, and we love that.  Maybe, I'm having a shitty day.. or shitty week.  Or maybe the cold snap is pissing me off.  It might be the withdrawal from Percocet