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Old Dog, New Tricks?

Saturday, November 4th - saw George "Rush" St. Pierre's return to the octagon. The 36-year-old, perviously absent from the cage for a mysterious, four year period, captured Michael Bisping's middleweight crown following a decisive win by submission. In his absence, the elusive fighter had been seen training everywhere from his familiar

Coming For The Crown?

Are we to see the surely explosive and much expected, McGregor vs Diaz III? Or, following this weekend's highly anticipated event, UFC 216, are we in store for something else entirely? At (22-3-0), Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee (16-2-0) would say—yes. The two highly explosive fighters will face off finally, in

Pacific Rim Uprising’s fatal flaw


Pacific Rim Uprising's fatal flaw Can the new team of directors and actors live up to the first blockbuster? Pacific Rim (2013) is a total guilty pleasure.  Giant robots fighting giant monsters?  Sign me up.  The film released in 2013, and directed by Guillermo del Toro was instantly polarizing.  You either loved it,

Worst demo of the week – Julia Luise

Worst demo of the week - Julia Luise, Brat 10/4/2017 - It's true. At Slickster we get a plethora of music submissions, and we love that.  Maybe, I'm having a shitty day.. or shitty week.  Or maybe the cold snap is pissing me off.  It might be the withdrawal from Percocet

Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation Getting fired up when you don't have a spark. You've got shit to do.  But you can't get 'er done.  Or you won't.  What difference does it make?  Which ever you chose, the end result is the same; shit just ain't getting done.  Here are some tips and tricks

Coming Down With Something, Is The UFC Struggling With a Weight Cutting Epidemic?

Ray Borg, Illness, Weight Cutting

  While no one's debating his toughness (11-2-0), could Ray Borg, be the latest casualty of near-impossible weight cutting? Friday morning, the UFC announced the much anticipated, championship bout between the "Tazmexican Devil," and prolific Demetrius Johnson was indeed canceled, the supposed culprit being—viral illness. Coincidentally, Borg, has had his fair share

Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones

Jon Jones, Jon Jones controversy, Steroids

            In the wake of tuesday's devastating news, Jon Jones pre UFC 214 test coming back positive for PED's, we're all bit taken aback, clenching our collective guts from the sting of an all too familiar blow. The dark agent in question this time being—Turinabol, an out of production steroid, known more

The Curious Case of Pauly Malignaggi

The Vegas sun looms over a still horizon. Conor McGregor's blazing green Lamborghini pulls into the brand new UFC Performance Institute. A shirtless McGregor, exchanges a few words with a boisterous teammate, informing him that retired boxer Pauly Malignaggi has left camp. Last Friday, the internet was abuzz with the infamous,