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The Curious Case of Pauly Malignaggi

The Vegas sun looms over a still horizon. Conor McGregor's blazing green Lamborghini pulls into the brand new UFC Performance Institute. A shirtless McGregor, exchanges a few words with a boisterous teammate, informing him that retired boxer Pauly Malignaggi has left camp. Last Friday, the internet was abuzz with the infamous,

Settling the Pound-for-Pound Debate Part Two #5 to #1

Over the course of the past few years, Boxing's pound-for-pound list has become somewhat of a controversial topic, scour the internet and you'll rarely find a list produced by experts to sports news outlets that resemble another. The main reason why I assume the lists vary is due to the lack of

Mayweather v McGregor Betting: Outcomes Analysed

Mayweather vs Mcgregor

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are two of the most charismatic, crowd-pleasing warriors to emerge in the last two decades of sports entertainment. For his part, Floyd Mayweather has equalled the 49-0 record set by Rocky Marciano in September 1955 – and, in a perfect climax, did so exactly 60

Good Enough?, McGregor vs. Mayweather Building up Steam

Mayweather vs Mcgregor

7/13/2017, By Blake Kirkland - The hype train rolled through L.A. tuesday evening amid a packed Staples Center Arena. The two most monstrously outrageous, combat sport icons trading a hurl of insults, ranging from abilities and everything else under the sun; including Mayweather's current tax woes with the internal revenue

Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn 2017 Prediction

Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn 2017 Prediction

Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn 2017 Prediction 6/27/2017, By: Scott March - The "Battle of Brisbane", is a scheduled boxing match for the WBO welterweight championship. The fight is scheduled to take place at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on July 2nd, 2017.  While many people, fighters and boxing pundits have

Is Everything Square in the Squared Circle?

6/21/2017, Blake Kirkland - Whether it be the thrilling, knockdown roller coaster that was last April's Joshua v Klitchko, or the strange dominance of Vasyl Lomachenko; boxing's stock is on the rise. Likewise, outside influencers are seeking part of this lucrative and exciting pie. With ticket prices ranging from $2,300 in the

Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Video Analysis and Prediction

Kell Brook vs Errol Spence

Kell Brook's Keys to Success Quality of Former Opponents The two appreciable names on Kell Brook's record are Gennady Golovkin and Shawn Porter. Both guys had respectable records before Kell took them on, they are to date the only two elite fighters on either man's record. The most noteworthy advantage on