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Tomb Raider Gets Primal

Tomb Raider Movie Poster

The Curiosity Warner Brothers Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Square Enix Limited, and GK Films prepare to bring the Core Design, then Eidos Interactive, and more recently, Square Enix property to the big screen again. Angelina Jolie would play Lara Croft in 2001, and 2003. At this time, video game movies had just begun

8DAYS – PS4 Review

Let's take a trip back to the 80's. Let's open up a blender, then add some Rambo, some Cobra, a dash of G.I. Joe, and a sprinkle of Contra, and I'll be damned, you've got 8DAYS. This retro 8-bit twin stick shooter will definitely have a place for those with a

Wizards of the Coast’s Christopher Perkins to Deliver PAX South 2017 Keynote

Wizards of the Coast's Christopher Perkins to Deliver PAX South 2017 Keynote

SAN ANTONIO - Jan. 5, 2017 - Christopher Perkins, principal story designer for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast, will deliver the opening keynote for the tens of thousands of attendees at  PAX South 2017, taking place in San Antonio on Friday - Sunday, Jan. 27 - 29 2017. Perkins first joined Wizards of the Coast as the

Child’s Play charity launches 2016 holiday fundraiser

Child's Play Charity Launches 2016 Holiday Donation Drive

December 2, 2016, at 5:17 a.m. Child's Play Charity Launches 2016 Holiday Donation Drive Child's Play, the video game industry's most giving charity, has officially begun its 2016 holiday fundraising drive. Established in 2003, Child's Play has distributed more than $40 million in donations from the staggering support of the video game community,

Help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network… by playing video games

November 4, 2016, at 5:37 a.m. What's better than binge playing your favorite video games all weekend? Binge playing your favorite video games for a good cause of course. There is a charity event, Extra Life, which aims to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals this Saturday, November 5, 2016.