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Dismember Me?! – First Horror Movie?

Dismember Me?! Which movie was the first Horror Movie? By Dr. Joel Lopez Let us start from the beginning. There had to be the first, the revolutionary, the one that changed history. A movie that embraced what literature had given us for centuries, stories. Not just stories, tales of horror, of the hunted,

Dismember Me?!


Remembering pioneers of the horror genre By Dr. Joel Lopez - Dismember Me?! Is my way of remembering the first ones, the trailblazers, the people that brought the Horror into the biggest media it could ever be, yes, film. It is important to remember that fear and horror have been and

Tod Browning’s freak show

Tod Browning's freak show

Tod Browning's freak show Ivan Starostenko - At the age of sixteen, Tod Browning ran away from home and joined the traveling circus, which featured various shocking numbers. Browning himself was known in the circus as "the living corpse" - he buried himself inside the box for several hours. Working in the

HorrorHound Bring Scares and Screams to Sharonville

The weekend of March 17-19, the Sharonville Convention Center, in Sharonville, Ohio hosted the area’s first weekend horror gathering of 2017. Mother nature was in a mood Friday afternoon as the horde of bleeding beauty’s, monsters, cosplay characters, creatures and fans waited for the doors to open for the bi-annual

Alien: Covenant trailer drops

Alien: Covenant

12/24/2016 - 20th Century Fox drops the new trailer Alien: Covenant. So far (after 13 hours) the reactions from fans has been positive. With nearly 40K+ likes on Youtube, to a marginal 2K+ dislikes.  This is a stark contrast to another 80's reboot from 2016.... (Ahem, Ghostbusters we're looking at you...)

Monster Vault: The Wolfman

Written by: August Aguilar, September 2, 2016, at 5:30 p.m. Tweet to: @AugustAA92 & @elburritoblog Before we ever had superheroes crossing over movie franchises and fighting side by side, there was one group that started it all: Universal Monsters. Dracula. Frankenstein. The Invisible Man. The Wolfman. In the 1940's, classic horror monsters

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles reinvigorates the coldest fears

Written by William Chandler, Jr., August 28, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. It is more than 60 days away. Halloween that is. All it takes is a little inspiration to get that initial chill from the sweet, macabre holiday season to tap your spine. Only Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles can cure the scary

Monster Vault: Clover

Clover of Cloverfield

Written by August Aguilar, July 14, 2016, at 12:48 p.m Tweet to: @AugustAA92 & @elburritoblog In 2008 you may have been intrigued enough to go see the movie Cloverfield in theaters, and when you were finished with the movie you either loved it or hated it for its found footage style. Many did not