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Dismember Me?!


Remembering pioneers of the horror genre By Dr. Joel Lopez - Dismember Me?! Is my way of remembering the first ones, the trailblazers, the people that brought the Horror into the biggest media it could ever be, yes, film. It is important to remember that fear and horror have been and

Tod Browning’s freak show

Tod Browning's freak show

Tod Browning's freak show Ivan Starostenko - At the age of sixteen, Tod Browning ran away from home and joined the traveling circus, which featured various shocking numbers. Browning himself was known in the circus as "the living corpse" - he buried himself inside the box for several hours. Working in the

The Sleaze Box – Chris Woods interview

Chris Woods, The Sleazebox, profile

The Grindhouse of Today Chris Woods interview. Pushing the boundaries of sex and gore in underground horror. 12/10/2017 - Exploitation films of the 1960's, 70's and up until the 80's featured waton nudity and graphic realistic violence.  Then the 90's came along, and with access to cheap equipment hard core horror filmmakers

The Howling Franchise

The Howling Franchise

The Howling: Five Different Kinds of Bad By Evan Purcell - If someone asks me which horror franchise is the best choice for a movie marathon, my answer might surprise you. It’s not Friday the 13th. It’s not Halloween. It’s The Howling. 1981’s The Howling is a ridiculously satisfying horror-comedy from director

Happy Death Day


Happy Death Day Loving the Premise, Liking the Movie By Evan Purcell - The new horror-comedy film Happy Death Day instilled a very powerful emotion in me: disappointment. I was so disappointed in the film, in fact, that I had to wait a few days to truly process my feelings. In case

HORROR: An Ever-Changing genre

christopher_lee dracula

12/2/2017, By James Garibay - Horror is a genre that continues to evolve, desensitize, and occasionally offend.  Before we had the luxury of movies, the genre was that of dark tales and folklore.  Reading and listening can be more terrifying because it allows you to create your own scary world

Gatorblade Films keeps grindhouse alive.

Gatorblade films, Sean Donohue 04

Tampa based director keeps grindhouse style films alive. Gore, nudity and shock value at forefront. Adults only.  11/27/2017- Sean Donohue is a director and film maker based out of Tampa, FL.  With such films as Death-Scort and other grindhouse worthy sleaze, he is growing a steady following online. It takes an indefeasible

The Bride – The blue balls of horror movies

The Bride 2017

Russian horror movie cock teases for hours The Bride delivers scares, but the payoff isn't worth the wait. 11/18/2017 - Hey guys, have you ever been on a date with a girl and you can feel the attraction between you two.  It's fourth or fifth time you've been out and sparks have

Raw Movie Review

Raw movie (2017)

Raw (2017) gnaws at you. By: Ashton Alexander, 11/6/2017 - You know that one super weird girl in class that keeps to herself and doesn’t eat meat and then she ends up having an appetite for people? Fortunately for me and you, that was probably never a reality. Luckily for the

Horror? Review – mother!

Written by Josh Brewer, September 16th, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. Tweet to: @theJWBrewer Title: mother! Director: Darren Aronofsky Writer: Darren Aronofsky Release Date: 9/16/17 Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kristen Wiig Cliff’s Notes A woman tries to rejuvenate her creative genius husband - god dammit Aronofsky - while people start moving into her house? Maybe?