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Celeb Car Crash -People Are the Best Show

Written by Mike Ritchie, November 16, 2016, at 4:05 p.m.

Celeb Car Crash have put together 12 songs incorporating and encapsulating influences ranging from heavy grunge reaching back to ‘70s prog, showing respect to Buck Cherry, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Smile Empty Soul along the way. People Are the Best Show is a journey through musical styles and somewhat of a time travel depending on what you’re a fan of.

The Celeb’s came together in 2012 bringing Nicola Briganti, Carlo Alberto, Violet Gibson and Simone together. Things went fast recording their first record, AMBUSH!, in six months.

The video for “Dead Poets Society” was well received on Italian TV as the band toured through 2013 trekking across Italy, Switzerland, France, and The United Kingdom, playing stages with Gotthard and Coheed and Cambria.

In December 2014 they won the Red Bull Tourbus contest beating 1700 bands country-wide earning a three show support slot for gothic pioneers Lacuna Coil, along with recording a single in the famous Red Bull London Studios.

There’s plenty of Foo Fighter and Nirvana influence sprayed over the tracks blending in elements of punk, rock groove with moody melody and foot stomping moments when you just gotta grab a guitar, run in a circle and scream till the wall hits you. There are plenty of riffs and chorus’s for the songs to germinate in the listeners mind and ears while throwing down stomping on whatever surface their feet hit.

“Let Me In” starts the first taste of grungy flavor, like an intro mood enhancer. “Because I’m Sad” paint’s with some Stone Temple Pilots colors adding honky-tonk groove with a Dave Grohl nod. There’s a touch of The Stones on “The Whereabouts,” giving them shelter.

“Outdone” has a deep, dirty blues feel with swampy energy and a fast ending pace. “Hello, Morning” is subtle, drawn out like early morning rituals fueled by high powered coffee spiked with energy drinks.

People Are the Best Show is powered by guys who do their best to put on the best show each time they’re on stage, dragging and prodding sounds from their instruments that showcase multi-decades of music. They’ve competed with throngs of other bands fighting to play in front of big crowds and won, coming out the best for what they’ve earned and attained so far.

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