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‘Charlie Says’: Manson Brought Back to Life By..Who???

By Robert Americo | Follow me on Twitter @AHROBI

As reported by BBC America’s Kat Sommers, a new movie about Charles Manson and his “family” has been planned and fully cast, with production set to start this spring. But who has been selected for the main role? Which actor will play the man as the self-proclaimed prophet of “Helter Skelter”? Matt Smith. MATT. SMITH.

Yes, that’s right this guy:

Also, this guy:

But don’t let all the dapper and flying police boxes fool you. Matt Smith being tapped as Charles Manson sounds like an extremely interesting prospect. The guy has proven himself to be an exceptional actor who can bounce from projects of varying backgrounds. Additionally, this would not be the first time someone was cast for a role where their initial announcement was met with fanboys fanboying right into praising them out of the movie theater (*coughcoughBATFLECKcough*). Now, while the film is said to be a focus on the three women who joined Manson in the brutal slayings that included 60s sex symbol Sharon Tate, I cannot conceive of a world wherein the murders themselves would not be depicted. The timing of this announcement is also interesting, being that Charles Manson himself recently died in prison (coincidence?). Horror or not, this flick is definitely one to watch out for.

Regardless of what you think, at least Manson isn’t being played by nobody:

Do you think Matt Smith is a good choice, or you can think of someone better suited for the role? Let us know in the comments below!

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