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Contemporary Relationship Development

Contemporary Relationship Development

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Romantic relationships have drastically altered over the last 100 years. Even a few decades ago, we had kind of an “established scenario” defining how any romance must develop. The roles of men and women were clarified. Nowadays, you are not necessarily single if you do not have your second half. Modern people are able to be together with no regards to gender, race, religion or geography. Of course, millions of us still appreciate old values, e.g. having only one partner for life and continuing the family line. Yet the number of those who think differently is growing; seems like previously favored monogamy is becoming outdated.

Are the traditions abandoned?
Not only younger generations but also people in their 50s embrace flexibility, which means they have many sexual partners during their lifetime. Only a few of those connections will become something more than just an affair. Being unmarried in your 40s is no longer a sign that something is wrong with you. We have become more self-sufficient and egocentric than in the past. The concept of individualism is hugely endorsed; the world is obsessed with “personality”. Unready to give up our hobbies and career interests in the name of love, we break the boundaries of monogamy and polygamy. Let us have fun and feel the permanent euphoria of early-stage dating! Speaking about independence, we imply the emancipation of women for the most part. Men have always had a certain degree of freedom. Contemporary girls refuse to be mere housewives and turn into business ladies focused on their professional accomplishments rather than raising children. This urges them to seek proper lovers, not good husbands.

Changes that we are going through.

Modern lifestyle forces humanity to hurry up and make immediate decisions. Long-term relationships may threaten our grandiose plans – this is the reason why self-growth is so often put over commitment. Instead of making one person happy, some of us wish to discover a mind-blowing variety of mates. It is not about gradual bonding or sophisticated wooing anymore. Distance is no more an obstacle for love as well: more and more committed couples prefer living apart. In their view, such a mode of communication cannot cause any harm to harmonious relationships. Moreover, it helps to keep feelings bright and escape the daily routine, so they are comfortable with seeing each other several times a week (or even a year)!

What is coming next?
In our bizarre era, when individuals do not need moral or financial support from spouses, the importance of marriage is decreasing. If something troubles us, our real and virtual friends can always give us a hand. Enough said, we face a pretty interesting situation. On the one hand, everyone struggles to find a soulmate, a like-minded lover. But on the other hand, we can get bored with a long-lasting romance or give our heart to a wrong person. The latter spurs us on to try again. Experts now talk about the phenomenon of serial monogamy. It means that people stay together for approximately 10 years and part in order to find someone better. Is this going to become the leading type of bonding? Perhaps, some new forms will emerge in the future. Considering how complicated human beings are, it is hard to predict – we will see.

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