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Cult of Chucky-“The cult is growing”

The Child’s Play franchise has come so far in its almost 30 year run.  We’ve watched him transfer from doll to doll, fall in love, get married and even try his hand at fatherhood.  The overall story has had its twists and turns, but it always ends with Chucky’s death.  Until the ending of of Curse of Chucky.  We see Nica getting sentenced to be imprisoned in mental hospital for the criminally insane, and Chucky is alive and free to terrorize more victims.

The unrated version of Curse Of Chucky gives a badass treat after the credits.  Chucky sends himself to old nemesis Andy Barclay(Alex Vincent).  This gave all the fans the excitement that has long been wanted.  Alex Vincent reprising his role as an adult.

The movie picks up 4 years later after Curse.  It starts with Andy on a date with this girl and tells her about his past from the first 3 movies.  With all the information on the internet about his traumatized past, the date ends abruptly.  Andy goes to his secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere.  He’s obviously a very lonely man.  He then goes to his wall safe and pulls out what is left of Chucky’s head that he blew off at the end of the last movie.  He and Chucky really are friends to the end.

Next we meet up with Nica.  She has been locked away and has been convinced that she was the one that killed her family.  The doctors have her believing that “Chucky was never real”.  Imagine that you are witness to something so bizarre that they lock you away.  And then to eventually believe that you were the one that committed atrocious crimes.  How does the brain comprehend such things?

After 4 years of treatment, Nica gets transferred to a medium security facility.  Here we meet the victims of the movie.  As she gets moved into her room there is stigma around her because everyone has heard the story of her killing her family and blaming it on Chucky.  It would be difficult to be in a place where you are the only sane person, but believed to be the craziest of all.  In a group therapy session Nica explains to them that she was ‘pathologically jealous of her sister and too possessive of Alice.  She truly believes this, but that could also be because the electroshock treatments that she has been getting while she was in the maximum security hospital.  The dr. then pulls out a doll.  A Good Guy doll that he picked up at Hot Topic.  I do kind of have a problem with how the good guy doll sounds.  It sounds nothing like the past dolls.  Clearly there was a different voice actor, but I digress.

Nica has a visitor from none other than Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly/Tiffany.  In Seed of Chucky Tiffany got out of her doll and transferred into Jennifer Tilly.  Tiffany is Alice’s guardian and brings Nica a Chucky doll to supposedly help with her therapy.  Now that there is living Chucky doll inside the hospital the fun can really begin.

Chucky roams the halls looking for Nica.  He comes across a schizophrenic woman from Nica’s therapy group and vows to come back and kill her.  “Fucking cuckoo’s nest!” is what he says as he walks away.  Anyone who knows Brad Dourif’s film history other than the Child’s Play franchise knows that he was in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.  So that line is just hilarious in its placement.  Nica has tried to kill herself, but Chucky will not allow that!  So he saves her, because he wants to be the one to finish her off.

Now that Chucky is reeking havoc, it becomes a matter of is Nica crazy or is she telling the truth?  Claire, another woman from the therapy group takes one of the dolls to throw it away.  On the way she gets bitten on her arm.  Completely reminiscent to the first Child’s Play.  Claire freaks out and of course nobody listens to the crazy people.  So she gets doped up and then sadly has to watch herself die.  It’s a great death, yet sad at the same time.  Yea, Claire may have been kind of a bitch, but the fact that she never had a fighting chance is what makes it sad.

Andy hears about the deaths and wants to help.  Now comes the question we have been asking for a while now.  How can there be multiple Chuckys?  Well they do explain that, but you will have to watch to see.  Andy gets to the hospital, but he is too late to stop what is happening, and ends up fighting off one of the chuckys, but gets himself locked up in a padded room.  The twist at the end is just awesome makes you want to see what happens next.  I am so curious to see where the story will go.  This film is called Cult Of Chucky.  When you first hear the title, you might think it’s a group of Chucky fanatics helping with his bidding.  It makes more sense when the plan is revealed.  I can’t get over the twist, that’s the knee-slapper.  On the unrated blu-ray, there is a wonderful surprise after the credits roll.  I’ll just say one word, Kyle.

All in all, this movie was fun.  The kills were fun, and the story was intriguing.  Not a whole lot of character development, but just enough to keep you interested.  The hospital set was very pale and cold as it is meant to be.  Fiona Dourif does awesome and her being involved with the twist ending is just wickedly fun.  Seeing Andy Barclay back is icing on the cake.  Chucky has been my man for the past 26 years.  Now that the story has come to a brand new chapter I want more.  Hopefully it will just as good and as fun, and creepy like these past 2 movies have.

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