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The strange new world of Darkness Anomaly


Written by Gage Allen, April 17, 2016, at 3:00 p.m. Tweet to: @lotims

Ever wanted a game that mixed X-Files, Silent Hill, and satanic undertones all in one fantastically bloody goody bag? Then Darkness Anomaly is the game for you.

Darkness Anomaly is a first person horror game where you play as Nick Reeves, a detective investigating several murder cases around town, which range from horrific demonic events to X-Files-ish weirdness. The game has a beautiful environment filled to the brim with horrifying imagery, one you must traverse to investigate a total of seven murder cases, many of which are promised to deliver unique puzzles and riddles, as well as horrifying moments where you’ll be forced to use your weapon.

Darkness Anomaly is being led by Roman Perezoigin, who says,

“I was always into creating my own worlds since I’m a graphic designer. I wanted to take the next step and begin making my own game, which was always a dream of mine. I started to collect information on game development and step by step started Darkness Anomaly.”

Darkness Anomaly soaring flying

While into creating his own worlds, his inspiration for Darkness Anomaly came from watching the X-Files as a kid, as well as from reading Gillian Flynn’s book Sharp Objects. This can shine through with what Perezoigin wants the player to take away for the first time when they play his game:

“I want to tell the player a lot. However, the most important message is that not everything is black and white. I want to confront the player with their own self, that the desires of a human is not everything. We love things we don’t need and we don’t love enough what we are supposed to.”

Some highly poetic meaning behind the game, it seems. Something that Perezoigin feels will only develop the narrative further:

“In the game, you will be solving riddles the old fashioned way, and you will also be forced to use a gun (These stages will demand a lot from the players because i aim to make them really hard!) You also need to talk to people and collect information regarding your current objective and the world around you. Darkness Anomaly will also contain seven cases to solve. Each case is a victim and a manifestation of the sin the victim has done throughout their life. As Nick, you have to find out which sin it is in order to be able to fight the manifestation of the sin, which becomes a demon.”

That’s right. The sins of the victims in these cases become demonic things that I can only imagine try to kill you.

Darkness Anomaly three creepy chicks

Perezoigin gave me a rundown on some of the characters in the game, including Nick, Aaron, and Vassago. At the forefront of the game you have Nick Reeves, which is a fairly interesting character, so what can players expect when immersing themselves as Nick?

“Nick is a very smart person, but a very secretive man. Influenced by his childhood, he tries to come in contact with certain people, failing in some comedic ways. He’s a lonely person, but is strong, direct and honest. He understands Light (Aaron Licht), just not his actions. He’s someone who drinks and smokes a lot. On the outside he is a positive person, trying to make jokes to stay motivated. However, farther in the game, Nick develops. He reaches his limits, ending up an emotionless wreck and a complete broken man.

Aaron is an interesting personality. He’s violent, determined,  and extremely smart. He’s killed 20 members of his family to keep them away from events that he planned to enact. However, no one could ever prove it. He is obsessed by the notion of cleaning the world, to enact a “new beginning.” Aaron feels humans kill for primitive reasons, and has chosen to become a monster himself to try and stop it, to give everyone a new start. At school, Aaron was interested in dark magic and Satanism. He distanced himself more and more from the world, but with his aura and personality, he was able to find minions to do his bidding. Thus, he founded the sect in the name of the Demon Vassago.
Vassago. Companion? or a creature of Lucifer? My favorite character in the game. A Demon, a prince, ambivalent in its own self, guided by his desire to do good he was once an angel, who now has the insight of a very powerful and feared Demon. When Vassago fell as a fallen angel into Lucifer’s arms, Lucifer wiped his memory. Eons later, Vassago figured out what he used to be. This is where he began to change, as he began to help people, both good and bad. He knew people are able to do good and to be cruel, and he constantly compared himself with them often.”
A cocky detective, a satanic spiritualist, AND a fallen angel-turned-demon who wants to do good? Not a bad mix for a narrative of interesting creations.
Darkness Anomaly Cryengine
The current developer team consists of the following:
“At the moment I have a concept artist, Gideon Bogan, who drew the art images in the Story Trailer. There’s also Andrei Aurelian, Manuel Gerhart, and Mario Simon which are helping me with 3D Environments. Finally, I am working with some amazing voice actors like Elijah Lucian, Brandon Fague and Stephene Cornicard.”
The game is currently being developed in the CryEngine, and is sure to deliver an incredibly impactful story with an interesting world to dive into.
Watch the story trailer below.

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