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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the Arcade Brawler Fix You Need (in progress)

Written by Jonathan Lee, February 2018, . Tweet to: @Writerscube

Square Enix’s Brawler Crossover

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the third title of the Final Fantasy crossover brawler series, Dissidia. Much like its predecessors, there’s a lot of frenetic action, favorite characters, and fan-service galore. But now there’s been added a 3-vs-3 component that leads to even more hectic, but visually-astounding battles than ever before. The team-building opportunities are incredible and fun as players get to make their own dream teams. Compared to the previous installments, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT also has the trappings of what could be Square Enix’s entry into the world of competitive console e-sports.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Like previous Dissidia titles, it’s a battle of Final Fantasy characters as they’ve been torn out of their worlds and thrown into the interdimensional arena together. But unlike its predecessors, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has that new 3-vs-3 component, and that’s where this title takes all of its past lessons and amps it up. It’s one thing when you’re just taking on one enemy character. But when you’ve got three enemies and two allies, a new level of strategy as well as action gets introduced, and suddenly what could’ve felt same-old suddenly becomes fresh and exciting. Overwhelming sometimes, but in a good way!

There are several game modes in which to play. In Story Mode, you play as the side of Light as both good and evil characters have been pulled into a whole different world populated by copies of their own Final Fantasy universes. Other offline gameplay modes include Standard 3-vs-3 matchups and a Core mode where you have to destroy the other team’s crystal core before yours gets destroyed.

All favorite characters come with unique move animations. From move sets to special EX skills like Poisonga and Slowga (familiar names to Final Fantasy fans, of course), players craft their own style and strategies around these memorable characters. The summons they’ve included in the game are your classics ranging from Ifrit to Shiva to the big ol’ Bahamut himself.



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