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Girl of the Week Emily Pemberton

Girl of the Week Emily Pemberton

Arizona co-ed lights up everyone around with a smile, great body and fun loving personality.  She loves wearing bikinis and isn’t afraid to show some booty.  We asked her a few questions and she was more than willing to answer.  Here’s to the girl of the week, EmPemb.

2/11/2018, 3:05 p.m.

Slickster: Em, there isn’t much witten about you online.  What  can you tell us about yourself?
EmPemb: My full name is Emily Pemberton but I go by Em or Lil Em. I was born and raised in Southern California. I spent most of my time at the beach. I moved to Arizona for college (Go wildcats!). I am now back in California and pursuing my dream job.

Slickster: Ok, it’s clear from your IG and Twitter feed that you are passionate about animals, right?
EmPemb: Yes, very passionate. When I was younger I loved learning about animals. I memorized every breed of dog and I wanted to build a sanctuary for the white bengal tigers (maybe one day). As of right now, I recently rescued a golden retriever named Nacho and he is the light of my life.
Slickster: What are your professional goals for modeling?
EmPemb: I recently learned the hard way that most agencies will not take a model that is under 5’6. I am barely 5’3 (lil em). I want to show the industry that you don’t have to be tall to model.
Slickster: How can I impress the girl in my class?
EmPemb: How can you impress a girl in your class? By answering questions and participating. Being smart is attractive!
Slickster: What’s the best way to talk to girls on Facebook?
EmPemb: What’s the best way to talk to a girl on FB? go for it- message her. Don’t start off with a corny ‘ice breaker’ because most don’t break the ice. Keep it simple. If the conversation easily flows ask for her number. If it doesn’t or you don’t get a response – oh well, you are back in the same spot. You don’t lose anything by trying.




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