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If I was A Student At Hogwarts: Sorcerers Stone

Written by Dominic Wright, June 17th, 2017, at 1:20 p.m. Tweet to @Groovycap

The Harry Potter universe is such a complex thing. When many people hear Harry Potter, immediately they assume magic or “the boy who lived”. Realistically, the universe is so much more than just waving a wand and a boy who lived after his encounter with Voldemort. The universe has spells, Patronus, curses, ghosts, creatures, sorting houses, flying brooms, the magical house we all wanted to be a part of, and much more. I never received an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

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Still to this day I wish I went to Hogwarts. Every summer since I was a child I would be anxious for July 24th to come. Mainly because that is the same day Harry got his letter to attend the school. I used to dream about how I would act when I got the letter. Realistically though, I most likely would have been jumping with joy like Harry.

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Honestly, if I attended Hogwarts I wouldn’t know how to react once I stepped foot in the castle. Seeing the humongous dining hall along some of the most interesting/powerful wizards and witches standing near me will have me overwhelmed.

Throughout the entire train ride on the Hogwarts Express, I would have been wondering what house I would be in. I would be in Hufflepuff. Trust me I’ve known this for years, thanks to the numerous online quizzes I took.

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As soon as the sorting hat said “Hufflepuff”, I would have gotten up like

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I would have been terrified lurking around the school. Moving staircases together with portraits that talk as well as move, oh and let’s not forget the ghosts who float around Hogwarts. Especially, the ghost Nearly Headless Nick. When he would tilt his head to the side and show everybody why they call him nearly headless I would be like

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I strongly believe one of the most interesting things about the Harry Potter universe is the spells. Literally, with a flick of the wand, I would be able to do magic. At first, I would watch the students do Wingardium Leviosa and stare with amazement. From across the classroom, students would see my face look like this.

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As an ending to my freshman year at Hogwarts, I wouldn’t have done much crazy activities. You wouldn’t catch me fighting off a troll in the middle of the day in the bathroom. Let alone, even play a chess death match where you can die. Especially at the age of 12. You would catch me in the Hufflepuff lounge, enjoying life.

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