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Flail Ninja mobile game review

Written by Frank Acosta, October 21, 2016, at 5:03 p.m.

Flail Ninja is thrown at us from the same developer who made Monument Rush and its sequel, Mr. Darrius Immanuel. And just like in those games, it is the simplistic nature that guides us through. As the title suggests, you play a ninja head that looks like the antagonists in the Gumby Adventures: the blockheads.

Cover art

What gives him away as a ninja in case you ask yourself: How is this a ninja? Is that adorable little Rambo-esque bandana and his choice of weapon?

Flail Ninja- screenshot

In the Chinese realm of weaponry and ninja-ry, this can be commonly referred to as a meteor. Apply some modifications such as another ball full of spikes and it becomes a whole new weapon. Now, another question you may ask yourself asking is: Where is the rest of his body? How is this played?

Well the answer is simple…Darrius? Take it away…

In any case, I can at least provide some answers to the second question asked. You literally float up higher and higher as you mash through brown cubes housing canons, avoid golden cubes that apparently put you in a coma and of course beating and exploding the shit out of your equally shaped skull enemies.

Flail Ninja- screenshot

This guy is so good, he beats them in his sleep.

As I said earlier, this game is simple in terms of mechanics. Using your finger you simply move our little hero that could in any direction you want. While you have no control of his weapon, his own momentum force allows the weapon to strike in the direction he moves in. Simple, yes?

Nope. This game is a step above his past releases and that’s saying a lot because so far I have not been able to pass the time stamp at 50. I’m not saying I am a great gamer and by no means necessary am I saying I am, because I just said I wasn’t. But one touch of your enemies stops your ninja dead in his floating tracks and sends him falling down. A hit of the golden cubes or the cannonballs mentioned also have the same repercussions.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-9-27-26-pmThis is a challenging game but that’s the carefully constructed juxtaposition, of it being a simple mechanics game with a challenging ordeal of what your goal is. And this is where I see the beauty of it. While I got irritated, angry and annoyed every time I would perish, the feelings of joy, accomplishment and sheer giddiness was a million times overpowering than the negativity. You really do feel as if you have accomplished something but defeating enemy after enemy and avoiding said obstacles.

So touché, Mr. Darrius… Touché, indeed. This little gem of a game is free now at the app store and play store so pick yours up and see if you can beat my score of 50. I dare ya.

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