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What happens if you float for a month straight?

This post assumes you know something about Flotation Therapy AKA Sensory Deprivation, Float Tanks, Isolation Tanks, Floating and other super cool names. If you know nothing, please visit my site to learn more.  Essentially, the tanks are an environment created to induce the Theta brainwave and kick you into a state of deep meditation. Here’s a story of my first float.

The Be Excellent Project: 30 Consecutive Floats

That’s what I want to rename this post now, having had two consecutive floats this week combined with a restricted diet, although I do anticipate this still to become a most excellent adventure. But if you know me, you know that two in a row ain’t a damn thing. So why am I so hyped up about it? What’s changed?

Two words: Intention and accountability.

Float Tanks Solana Beach

You see, I backed us into a corner here a little bit telling people that Glenn and I were doing this 30-for-30 cleanse thing. Well, not by telling them exactly, more so by them telling me it was a good idea. Suddenly, I have some people who want to hear about it and I can’t let them down. So I gotta deliver.

A quick rundown of the project:

  • 30 floats in 30 days.
  • Each float is at least an hour long with at least one every week being 90 minutes or longer.
  • We each set an intention for the 30 days as a whole and were given a journal to keep track of specific intention set upon each float.
  • My intention was to increase my productivity, creativity, and time management regarding Float North County specifically but also my general life/interests/projects etc.
  • Restricted diet based on the book Clean by Alejandro Junger M.D,
  • No fun stuff – coffee, booze, gluten, sugar, eggs, dairy, peanut-butter-banana sandwiches. Nothing.
  • Fruit/green smoothies in the morning, light Clean Approved meal at lunch, and soup/smoothies in the evening.
  • Brain Scans – On Day 1 and Day 31
  • Neuro Feedback Machines. This machine takes a reading of your brain activity and compares it to an algorithmic “optimal” brain that was deduced via thousands of scans. Parts of the chart are color coded. I need to find out what mine is exactly telling me cause there’s a whole lot of colors on there.
30 consecutive floats
Glenn and Bryan’s Excellent Adventure

So that’s the gist. 30 in a row to see what it does to us. Will it change the actual neurochemistry? Will the restricted diet be made easier to follow if you are floating every day? Will we evolve into our superhuman selves? Or will it all just be for a good time? We’ll see.

What I can tell you, four days in, is that I believe this experience is shaping up to be a real game changer. I try to focus on my intentions at the beginning of every float and invariably they end up wandering away from me at some point. Tonight, though, I realized that one of the possible symptoms listed in a region of my scan was trouble focusing. Now I wonder if I concentrate on that specific issue (definitely true, btw) and develop my ability to focus in the tank, can I consciously change the way neurons in my brain fire now that I’ve been made aware of this?

I certainly hope so.

Lastly, it was my belief going into this project that I probably lacked the discipline to make it through a 21-day restricted diet. Especially when I have to give up coffee and tequila, which are basically ways of life for me. But I must say that each float not only strengthens my resolve to see this through, but also allows me to truly appreciate lunch, AKA the one time I get to chew anything for a while.

So stick around. If you have any suggestions, or want more images, explanations, whatever, let me know. I am beginning to believe that this month will be a big month for me in unlocking the power of my own mind.

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