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Forts is a new spin on an old classic

Written by Caleb Taylor, December 10, 2016, at 12:40 p.m.

Forts is a physics-based action-RTS, where players are challenged to construct custom bases and destroy their opponents in a battle for the last of Earth’s natural resources. Construct an armored fort while collecting resources. Arm it to the teeth. Develop your technology to unlock advanced weapons, then target weak points in your opponent’s fort. Shoot down incoming missiles and patch up damage before your fort comes crashing down. Defend your reactor at all costs!

Forts Closed Beta Review

EarthWork Games kindly reached out to us regarding the Forts closed beta. I’m used to playing “sandbox” type games in a three-dimensional space with Gary’s Mod or Besiege. But Forts had a nostalgic look to it, compared to the early Tanks game most of us are familiar with. In trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised by Fortsdynamic gameplay, in-depth story, and solid mechanics.


The objective throughout the game is to build your base to certain specifications by purchasing and dragging items available on to your fort. Some levels require you to build enough armor to protect your base for as long as possible. Others require you to build your base high enough to see over an obstacle.

The building stage isn’t confined to the start of the game. It instead has you constantly building up your fort and repairing it as it gets damaged. Fortsphysics system sometimes throws a wrench into the player’s plans, often resulting in an entire room or portion of the fort to collapse under it’s own weight.

One of the maps featured in FORTS, showing the variation between levels. This particular level has the player building and fighting on the underside of a cliff. Source:

The locations and maps get progressively crazier, too. There’s anything from bases nestled in caves to forts hanging from the underside of a cliff.

The fighting in Forts is fast-paced and surprisingly rewarding. The enemy is just as fast at building as you, just as accurate at shooting as you, and just as quick at shooting as you. That being said, Fort has the player juggling building, repairing, defending and shooting, all while attempting to achieving all objectives of the level to move on.

One example I recall had me shooting enemy mortars out of the sky. I was also repairing a bridge between two of my forts, adding armor to the front, and upgrading my units to defeat my enemies’ armor. When the level is over, your base is falling apart, and the landscape has been decimated by weapons. Despite that, seeing that you’ve achieved all the goals of the level motivates you to continue.


The graphics, as I mentioned, evoke a nostalgic feeling. Anyone who has played flash games of a similar fashion would agree, and Forts by no means looks old. Instead, Forts looks very polished, especially with it’s unique, cartoon art style. Keeping in mind that Forts is still in development, it feels close to being finished. I’m excited to see what more they can improve after a few months.

Final Thoughts

While there is a story present in Forts, it’s definitely not something to look forward to. It’s merely there to give a sense of progression throughout the game. But it doesn’t take away from the gameplay at all. It does, however, provide a reason for the war-like aesthetic of the game, which fits perfectly with the gameplay.

If you like strategic, fast-paced gameplay and resource management, you would love Forts. I’ll pick up a copy of the game as soon as it’s released, I can’t wait to see what else they are adding to this already polished game.

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