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Gatorblade Films keeps grindhouse alive.

Tampa based director keeps grindhouse style films alive.

Gore, nudity and shock value at forefront. Adults only. 

11/27/2017- Sean Donohue is a director and film maker based out of Tampa, FL.  With such films as Death-Scort and other grindhouse worthy sleaze, he is growing a steady following online. It takes an indefeasible do-it-yourself attitude, a positive demeanor and a whole truck load of improvisation.  Here is what Mr. Donohue had to say about nudity and lessons from making horror films.

Sean, you are a director of films. Your bio states “…got his start in film making in 2007 when he was asked to be an Asst. Director on a student film, “Dog Thief.”  That was over ten years ago.  What are some of the hard lessons that you’ve learned in the past decade about film making?
Always have a plan B and C, D, E and sometimed F……..  All kinds of things can go wrong on a film set.  As a Director/Producer it is my job to fix them.  I think I have definately gotten better at it over the years, having had to fix some of the same problems.  However, every movie I make some new problem always arises.  The key is to keep your cool and work it through.
SLEAZE.  One of the words you used to describe your movies, is sleazy or sleaze.  An obvious throwback to the grind house movie days.  How do you define ‘sleaze’ as a genre?
Haha, yes some of my movies are “Sleazy“.  I guess the best way to define sleaze for me is a movie that has no boundaries or limits with gore and nudity.  And it has to look and feel cheap.  If you start glitzing up a movie with “Fancy” anything you are not making “Sleaze”.
Gatorblade films, Sean Donohue 01
Director Sean Donohue working on set.
Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead is one of your newest projects.  No doubt there is a lot tits and ass in this movie… including the NSFW trailer on Youtube.  In Lloyd Kaufman’s book, ‘Make your own Damn movie’, he gives detailed advice about how to cast actresses for roles that will include nudity.  Some of that includes having more than female in the room, and making sure she is willing to disrobe before the actual day of filming.  What is your process for auditioning the women who will be naked (and likely) covered in blood in your movies?
Well, first I trind to find actresses that I have already met through the grapevine that have already done nudity in a film.   Nine times out of ten they will do it again.  If it’s a first timer, I just basically tell them what the deal is, see if they are confortable with it and move forward.   If they are willing to do it then they got the role offered.  There is no secret, you just have to talk to people.
Do big boob actresses get more work than ones with smaller tittes?  Tell the fucking truth!
I have never seen a pair of tits I didn’t like!  I work with women of all different shapes and sizes.
You also run/own Gatorblade Films.  What is that?
Gatorblade Films is my movie Production/Distribution company.  I make my own films and I control the distribution over them as well.  I wanted to avoid getting screwed over by distributors so I started my own distribution company.  I distribute my films worldwide as well as other film makers films.
Here are some links to buy my new film, Death-Scort Service Part 2:
Is there anything you’d like to share with young film makers?  Like, drop the fuck out of film school, it’s a total waste of time and money, or…..?
Honestly, yes film school is a waste of money!  I graduated from film school and the only thing I learned is that college is expensive.  Just do some research on the internet and go make a movie.  You don’t need a school to teach you how.  I have learned more making movies then I ever did in school.
Thanks for talking to Slickster Magazine.  Is there anything else you’d like to promote or give a shout out too?
I will be distributing Scott Tepperman’s and Tim Ritter’s new film, Truth or Dare 5: I Dared You.  Keep an eye out for it in Jan/Feb 2018 available online and is select retail stores.  If you were a fan of the first four you are gonna love this one!!



I dared You!

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