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Girl of the Week Hanna Orio

Girl of the Week Hanna Orio

4/9/2017, 3:05 p.m.

Slickster Magazine – How did you get involved with Naked News?
Hanna Orio – One of the anchors wrote me on Model Mayhem and she said that I might be a good fit for the show.
The Naked News producer saw my portfolio and invited me for audition. That simple 🙂 By the way that audition was super fun!

Has working for Naked News opened more doors for you in your modeling career or otherwise?
Of course. Naked News is amazing show and it also gives a lot of visibility for models. For example, I’ve met Bruce Colero (photographer) and we had a beautiful photo-shoot for one of the men’s magazines.

Were you nervous the first time you had to get naked on camera and deliver the days news? What was your first news story that you had to report on?
I am a cam girl and I had numerous erotic photo-shoots so I am used to be naked on camera. However, I was nervous during my audition at Naked News because it’s more then just standing with no clothes on. You have to be very focused, patient and read well from teleprompter. It’s also important to have fun 🙂 Yes, I remember my first news story was about Ruby Rose.

What’s next for Hanna Orio?
I will not reveal all secrets but I can say that I have some very special ideas in mind and I am sure my fans will love that! And as always, lots of shoots, videos, shows and fun! 🙂 Stay tuned and you will know more.

Thank you!

Hometown: Montreal

Measurements (Bust, waist, hips): 86-61-89

Favorite band or musical act: Hardkiss (the band)

Movie that scared you the most or your favorite video game: L.A.Noire

Truth or dare?  Dare 🙂

Tell us about your hobbies or the worst date you ever went on:  I love modeling, dancing so I am happy with what I do professionally. I am also interested in psychology.

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