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Girl of the Week Jewels

Girl of the Week Jewels

5/14/2017, 3:05 p.m.


Hometown: Sedona, Arizona

Measurements – Bust: 35″, Waist: 26″, Hips: 34″

Favorite band or musical act: Gunhild Carling

Movie that scared you the most or your favorite video game: Fave video Game: Mario Kart 8 or Ms. PacMan (old school)

Tell us about your hobbies or the worst date you ever went on:  My hobbies are swing dancing and playing the trumpet. My philosophy: The purpose of life is to have fun and enjoy it!  My goal is to live a creative, self-sustaining life, utilizing both brains and beauty to make a living by creative means: modeling, photography, cinematography, music, dance, and writing.

You play Uke and Trumpet, anything else? How did you get started in music?
Yes! I play the guitar and mandolin as well. I started playing music when I was a kid; I learned keyboard. Then I picked up the trumpet in high school, and started playing stringed instruments during college so I could sing while I play!

Ok, doing yoga in The Legend of Zelda underpants? So you are gamer girl at heart?
A gamer girl at heart to the extreme — I LOVE games. Video games, arcade games, board games, mind games…. 😉

Any big projects that you are involved with now that you’d like to promote.
I recently started a Patreon page! All of my cool projects that I don’t post on social media can be seen there: 



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