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Girl of the Week Sarah Arnold

Girl of the Week Sarah Arnold

2/22/2016, 6:00 pm


Favorite band or musical act: Massive Attack, Die Antwoord, Bjork.I love strong little badass sultry female vocalists but I can also get down to fat hypey rap or anything from the 90’s.

Movie that scared you the most: Eraserhead was an absolute nightmare, but for some reason alien movies freak me out so much. Cloverfield had me literally screaming in terror, and I watched it by myself on a cute sunny summer afternoon. It was a weird day.

Truth or dare?  Ok, dare. Nothing sexual though.

Tell us about your hobbies or the worst date you ever went on:  We ain’t even gonna talk about the shitty dates (the past is the past muchacho). I thoroughly enjoy creating graphic art, drawing, painting, reading especially, either from books or articles online and then any vocabulary I don’t know or new information I learn I write down on notecards and study them a few times a week to keep the brain fresh and sharp (a life tip from me to you baby). I enjoy travelling as often as possible, even though my friends are too broke or “can’t take off work”, I take trips to other states alone often (AirBnB, another life tip baby). My weekly pole dance fitness courses are where it’s at, probably the best way to exersise is outside of a gym in my opinion, ladies take note. Go rock climbing or join a dance team. Other hobbies I fuck with are managing my website, manifesting personal entrepreneurial endeavors, and signing up for workshops around Chicago to take a couple times a month to get into trying new things (, check it out).

Instagram: Palmtrease

Model Mayhem: DreamGirlGood

Twitter: @Palmtrease


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