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Big name star Daryl Hannah(Splash, Kill Bill) plays the Mother, Susan Hardy and Kristen Prout(Elektra) plays her daughther Catherine.  So from the cover, it looks to be a scary slasher flick.  Daryl Hannah played such a badass in Kill Bill I was excited to see her play a crazy woman trying to protect her daughter in murderous ways.  At first I thought it was going to be a dark rip off of Serial Mom.  To my surprise it turned out to be a psychological mystery movie.  It’s a big comment on how dependent today’s generation is on technology, they don’t know how it is to live without cell phones and the internet.  With that we get the story going.

The credits roll with the images of text messages.  Catherine, Cat for short, is hanging out with her best friend Emily(Chloe Bridges), and her boyfriend.  Which just shows how great her life is, getting ready for college and all.  Everything is great, a loving mother, a hot boyfriend, and four year plan for when she goes off to college.  The world is her oyster as that cliche saying goes.  But then things start to spiral out of control when Cat gets her college acceptance and someone posts something on her BuddyMe page.  The movie’s version of FACEBOOK, which basically says “Fuck you losers, I’m going to college”.  At the same time Emily gets her college letter, and unfortunately does not get in which causes a rift in their relationship.  Cat says she didn’t and wouldn’t post anything like that.  From there things only get worse.

Someone then creates a Scoreboard webpage, which told rumors of who has had sex.  Making everyone on the site and Cat outcasts online and in school.  High School is hard enough without the stress of lies being told about you.  Cat’s mom keeps telling her “Everything is going to be okay” but she says it with this whole Carol Brady attitude.  Her world is crashing down and Susan keeps implementing the idea for Cat to stay home.  It’s sad because she tries to keep her head held high, but she just can’t get anyone to believe that she didn’t do any of it.  Newsflash kids, the internet can be dangerous!

Shit really hits the fan for Cat when her angry ex-boyfriend leaks these boudoir photos of her to everyone in the entire town and the all over the internet getting her acceptance to college revoked.  Then some old pervert shows up on Emily’s doorstep.  Emily goes online to find that someone has a profile for that kind of thing, and once again blames Cat.  But something in the profile gives her the answer to the question of the whole movie, “Who is doing this?”  Is it a hacker, or is it someone close?  Someone none of them would ever suspect.

Cat plummets into a deep depression, and Susan puts her on medication to help cope.  But all the meds do is keep her doped up and sleep all damn day.  Susan is so afraid to let her daughter go out into the world and experience life after high school that she kind of goes a little mad in a overbearing but loving way.  She is kind of like Margaret White without the whole psycho-religous aspect.  She doesn’t lock in a closet, she just wants Cat to stay home because she literally has nobody else in her life.  Susan runs out to get some groceries and Cat wakes up and goes into her mother’s room and looks at the computer screen, and everything that has been done, except the photo.  That was done out of sheer spite by her ex.  But she sees her mother has some serious issues to deal with.  Emily shows up in a panic because she knows everything by now as well.  In the midst of all the yelling Susan attacks Emily shouting “you won’t take her away from me!”

Mother, horror movie

Police show up and take Susan to one of those fancy mental hospitals, because she’s rich.  And Cat’s world gets turned right side up again.  She and Emily go to college together and continue with their four-year plan.  She talks to her mother daily, despite the torment she put her through.  They do love each other, Susan’s fear just took an EXTREME turn for the worst.

This isn’t the worst movie I’ve sat through.  The stroy is predictable, and acting isn’t all that great. Rachel True(The Craft, Half-Baked) has a small role as one of their teachers.  Funny thing about this movie is that it was originally called “Social Nightmare”, why they changed it to “Mother”, I have know idea.  As I was watching, I just kept thinking This is totally a lifetime movie.  Then I started to do a little research and found that totally was a Lifetime T.V. movie.  And the only reason I figured that out was because I was watching Elektra and saw Kristen Prout.  I went on IMDB and there in her credits I saw Social Nightmare.  It’s funny how these things happen.  You’re not really missing anything with this movie.  If you’re looking for a teen drama, then by all means give it a go.

My thanks again to Horror Pack for sending me these movies, but this was not a horror.  Oh well, what can you do…


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