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Hottest Sorority Recruiting Videos 2018

Hottest Sorority Recruiting Videos 2018

College life is jam packed with hot babes, and none more than the sororities at large schools.  Sexy girls flock to Greek life for friendship, to meet guys and party.  The sororities in this post go one step further and create recruiting videos to entice undecided girls to join their house.  Some of the sorority recruiting videos are pretty damn hot.  The college girls play at the beach or pool parties in their bikinis, do dance routines or get dressed up in their best formal wear.   Back in the day, hot college girls flashed the camera for free beads, trucker hats and t-shirts on Girls Gone Wild.

Girls Gone Wild, College Coeds
Back in the day guys used to buy DVDS like Girls gone WILD, Wildest College Coeds. Now they just watch sorority recruiting videos on Youtube.


Now you don’t even need to pay for sexy videos, the sororities create the video themselves and publish on Youtube.  Here are some of the hottest sorority recruiting videos, Class of 2018 edition. First up, FLORIDA SORORITIES…

Sigma Delta Tau at the University of Miami Recruitment Video 2018


Delta Phi Epsilon at the University of Miami Recruitment 2018


Delta Gamma: University of Miami 2018


Indiana University Zeta Tau Alpha 2018

CSUSM Alpha Omicron Pi 2018 Spring Recruitment Video


 Alpha Phi | Gamma Alpha Chapter | San Diego State University


Alpha Phi Ohio State Recruitment 2017

Alpha Phi Boston University Recruitment 2017

Trending Houses : Delta Zeta – University of Tennessee


OII Recruitment 2018 Towson

Which sorority recruitment video did you think was the best? Leave a comment below, and if you want to see more complications like this let us know.  If we get enough positive feedback, we’ll put together a Class of 2019 compilation too!


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