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How to make a woman happy in relationships

How to make a woman happy in relationships

4/17/2017 – Many men want to make a woman happy, but don’t know how to do it. After all, if a woman is happy, she will give love, natural affection and attention to a man. Therefore, if a man wants a happy and loving wife, he needs to make her happy.  Every day, a woman holds a huge number of responsibilities that can lead to constant fatigue, decreased mood, irritability.

It is long known that the success of men depends largely on his woman because woman inspires her soul mate, but the only one who is happy and feels the fullness of life can inspire. So, here are the secrets of happy women:


Rule #1
Give attention to the woman

To make a woman happy, you should give her your attention, because every woman dreams about it. If you pay little attention to a woman, then she will give little attention to you and become a totally different woman. If you give her enough attention, she will love you and try to do all for you to be happy like she is.

When she comes from work, ask sincerely how her day was, what significant occurred, why she is upset or why she is happy. Yes, it can be difficult and uninteresting for men listen to long women’s stories, but believe me, she will be grateful for this.


Rule #2
Tell her about love

Many men very rarely talk about love, even if madly in love with his companion. Remember that women need to hear it and these words must be sincere. If you don’t like trivial confesses, you can come up with some funny expressions that will be understood only to you and your beloved one. It will lift your spirits and add happy moments.

A woman needs to feel love and to be needed, this is especially important in a marriage, after that the girl begins to dedicate her life to the man and family. The psychology of women is a little different than male’s is, she needs more emotion, more expressions of love and understanding that she is needed. The feeling that she is not as important as she used to be, leads to a state of sadness, despair, and sometimes depressive disorder, which affects her relationships with others.


Rule #3
Make compliments

How to make a woman happyAny woman will be pleased if her man will appreciate a new hairstyle, a delicious cooked dish, a good performance in karaoke or any other action. Compliments are words not just for joy, it strengthens self-confidence, encourages a desire to become better and cheers her up.

Many men consider it unnecessary to make compliments to women, and they begin to think that are not so attractive to their men. It disturbs, lowers mood and sometimes causes conflict within a pair. Find something to praise and then such a question as “how to make your woman happy” will not arise.


Rule #4
Give gifts a woman

How to make a woman happy
A gift doesn’t have to big, but can be practical and cost effective.

To make a woman happy, you should not forget about the gifts. Give it to her not very often, but not very rarely. Gifts can be very small – an unusual bracelet, a book, a ticket to the museum. Gifts should be not a duty, but joy, a sign of attention and be given in a good mood. Every man knows what is interesting to his lady, so you can always make her happy. A bouquet of flowers brought for no reason will please much more than for a birthday.


Rule #5
Show respect

Every woman has a set of personal qualities. She has her own interests and needs. Sometimes she wants to devote time to herself and to stay alone. It is important to respect personality in a woman, her desire to have certain interests and to achieve goals.

There is a category of men who are absolutely not interested in what a woman wants, what she feels at the moment and what she needs. The woman who is not respected begins to feel her remoteness and uselessness, and, in the end, this may lead not only to depression and irritation but to the thought of a new relationship where she will feel more loved and respected.

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