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How to write a scholarship essay

How to write a scholarship essay

Applying for a scholarship is an important process that usually requires essay writing. Read our useful tips and create an impressive work to get success.

If you want to write a bright essay to stand out from the crowd of others and win a scholarship, then you need to know main rules that will help you to make a brilliant work. In our guide we have gathered several tips that may be very helpful in creating the perfect essay. Be prepared to work hard, and you’ll get a great chance to win.

  1. Plan your time

Make sure you planned your work until the deadline. Writing a scholarship essay is a long and complicated process, so if you think you’ll be able to complete it during last two nights, then forget about any chance to win. Remember that serious work requires a lot of time, so plan everything thoroughly. We suggest following 3-weeks scheme:

  • week 1 – brainstorming ideas, choosing a topic, researching your subject;
  • week 2 – making the outline and writing your essay;
  • week 3 – proofreading, rewriting drafts, improving your work.
  1. Follow all requirements

Read all instructions carefully and follow all recommendations. Make sure you know all requirements about your essay length, format and other important things. If you need more detailed information about MLA and APA style formats, you can find it here –

  1. Define your readers

Think about your audience and what kind of information you’d like to tell them. Try to discover what kind of story people want to hear from you, and try to grab their attention from the first words.

  1. Choose a good topic

Brainstorm your ideas and select the best one. Don’t forget to make notes during brainstorming; this will help you to keep all ideas and not lose anything. Make some researches in those topics that seem the most interesting for you, and define what you are going to write about. Never choose something boring for you, remember you should be interested in what you are writing, because if not, the whole work won’t sound exciting for readers.

  1. Make the outline before writing

Probably you might think: “Why do I need to spend time for making the outline? I’d better start writing right away without wasting times for those things that seem useless!”. But the outline is a very important thing in your work. Just imagine you started to write without making a plan, so you just sit and write, and where you’d like to get? What’s the final point of your writing, and how you are going to end your essay? Which things you are going to write, and which prefer to skip? How you could make sure you wrote all the needed things and didn’t miss anything important? That’s why you need an outline. It contains answers on all questions we asked above. Thanks to this detailed plan, you won’t lose anything important and your work will be logical and easy to read.

Here how the outline structure looks like:

  • Introduction – here you should grab your audience’s attention with bright words. Think about how to motivate people to read the whole story. A thesis statement should be written in this section too.
  • Body part, or main part – here you tell your story, develop your thesis points and support them with strong evidence.
  • Conclusion – here you finish your work and thank the audience for spending their time to read your work.
  1. Stand out from the crowd

Tell your readers a great story to make them feel they’re reading an interesting book. Don’t put any boring facts into your essay because these things won’t make your work better. Think about other applicants for the scholarship that will write similar papers and analyze how you can avoid those cliches they’d definitely use. Your essay should be bright and notable, only in this case you’d have a good chance to win. Try to make your work extraordinary by keeping your readers involved to read it till the end.

  1. Proofread your essay

This is a quite important step in your work. Maybe it seems to you that after finishing writing you can relax, but your essay still isn’t finished. You need to proofread it, improve by adding/deleting something, and correct all errors. If you want to get success, remember that your work has to look professional. Needless to say that nobody would read the work with mistakes, so spend enough time for corrections. You can use online dictionaries and vocabularies, and also services for checking grammar mistakes. If you need more tips about revising your essay, visit our website and find many useful instructions about successful proofreading.

Use our tips and create a great work that will grab your readers’ attention and win the scholarship. The result is worth the effort, so improve your writing and go ahead to triumph!

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