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Hyper Light Drifter live stream

You didn’t know we had a YouTube channel did you?

OK, we admit it, our YouTube channel is a little lacking when it comes to content. We’d rather play the games then edit video. But that is changing. Slickster Magazine also has a Twitch channel as well, and some of our staff use it to bring you their favorite games.

Like Tanner Banks, and his stream of Hyper Light Drifter. Before you go all crazy on us, yes there a few a frame drops here and there on this video. That has since been corrected… Let he who has not lagged, throw the first controller.  But this game from director Alex Preston and his team over at Heart Media is awesome. Older gamers will immediately feel the The Legend of Zelda influence. But.. Link gets a freakin’ hand cannon in this game! Yes, imagine blasting an Octarock with a 357 magnum for a second. Pretty satisfying, right? Well, in Hyper Light Drifter you get to do that.

Slickster staff graphic designer and part time writer, Victor Sanchez, also did a review on Hyper Light Drifter. Here’s what he had to say about the game:

“The environment tells this story as well as you traverse ruins and witness the aftermath of an alien devastation. The game is unrestricted in its color palette, which delivers a unique visual experience. While the colors are certainly unique, there a more than a few instances where the overuse of color can make scenery appear confusing and sometimes unpleasant to look at. Despite this, the game world feels lived in and gives you a great sense of exploration.Back tracking is cut down by allowing players to teleport any time to warp pads.

“The game runs at a constant 30 FPS, only serving to aggravate the effect of the sometimes confusing scenery. This may not matter to some, but avid PC action game players will notice the lack of frames. However, the combat remains virtually unaffected by the lack of frames, which can devastate other fast-paced action games. Encounters with enemies are fast paced and difficult with simple controls as to rely more on reaction time rather than proper item usage.”

More live gaming and YouTube content to come soon.

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