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If I Could Be A Pokémon, I Would Be….

Written by Dominic Wright, August 4th, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. Tweet to: @Groovycap

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Although I am an adult, I slither into nostalgia from time to time. Seeing these posters around New York City of these new Pokémon, it just makes me reminiscence back to a simpler time. A time where posters contained either Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. It just makes me think if I could be a Pokémon, who would I be?

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When I was young, I wanted to be something electrifying. So like other kids my age, I was Pikachu for Halloween. What was it about Pikachu that drew so many kids to adore him? Was it because he was/still is the face of the Pokémon brand? Or maybe it was due to the fact parents thought their children looked adorable as a little mouse with chubby cheeks.

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After playing the old school Pokémon games (Diamond, Pearl, Red, Yellow, Emerald, etc), I realized numerous Pokémon interested me. For example, Eevee, Aipom, Slowpoke, Snorlax, Mewtwo, and Geodude. Honestly speaking, it would have to go by type.

Eevee’s numerous evolutions are all magnificent, due to the stones you give it to carry. These evolutions come out as Flareon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Glaceon, etc. For me, these Pokémon are the ones that I would hold on to as pets, or for sake of the game, in my party and share experience with them.

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The way they look, always mesmerized me from an early age. Something about their designs would make it seem as if I was wealthy. I look at Eevee and it’s evolutions the same way I look at poodles.

Pokémon such as Hitmonlee, Rapidash, Gyarados, and Mewtwo would be amazing Pokémon to be, I just don’t feel as if they fit me well enough. Through my adolescent years, I always wanted to be a fighter type Pokémon just because their skill set was unbelievable as well as their evolutions.

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Now as an adult due to my comic like personality, people would assume that I would choose Mr.Mime or Lickitung. In fact, it would be the complete opposite. I would choose something on more of the ghostly side. Most likely I would choose Gengar due to the fact his fighting style is on the peculiar side.

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Let’s not forget, Gengar takes on more of my personality than other Pokémon do. Similar to me, Gengar also, loves to play practical jokes on people and often uses an eerie laugh when he see’s his victim scream in terror.

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Sounds a lot like me, I love to sneak up behind friends and do the casual boo and watch them jump and terror. Gengar would be the best for me. We are sort of alike except I don’t cast curses on people nor do I hide in the shadows.

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